Moving TIps

Moving TIps

After death and divorce, moving is the third-most stressful event in a person's life -- and the average American moves 11.7 times in their lifetime! But moving doesn't have to be stressful, as long as you prepare yourselves for what's ahead! These articles are designed to help you relocate safely and easily.

Where to Find Moving Boxes: Modern Solutions

Looking where to find moving boxes? If you have a big move coming and you're feeling a little panicked about finding enough packing boxes in time, you're in luck – there are more options for moving boxes today than ever before.

Moving Company Tips: The Right Research to Avoid Scams

If your big home-moving projects quickly turns from "invite a few friends over" to "we need some professional help," it's time to pick out a moving company Here are some moving company tips to help you find the right service.

Mayflower Movers and Other Handy Online Moving Tools

Are you ready to have a successful move? Mayflower Movers offers a number of different tools to help out – in fact, the Internet is filled with handy online moving tools to make your move a breeze and give you new confidence about exactly what you ...

Make Moving in with Someone Less Stressful and Drama Free

Sharing a space with someone isn't always easy. The following tips can help you to establish clear boundaries and responsibilities with your new roommate and make moving in with someone a little less stressful and dramatic for everyone involved.

Make Moving to a New City Alone a Little Easier

Moving to a new city alone can be a daunting challenge. It's scary and much more difficult than when you've got others to help. Trust me, I know. I've moved to new cities alone several times over the last 15 years. I've moved from one end of the state...

Save Money While Packing Valuables

Packing valuables can be one of the hardest and most expensive parts of packing for a move. It honestly doesn't have to be either difficult or expensive, though. Sure, there are products that moving and storage companies will want to sell you, but you ...

Tips for Moving with Atlas Van Lines

Moving with Atlas Van Lines can be what you make of it. An old saying that a supervisor had comes to mind: "Proper planning prevents poor performance." No matter what you're doing, this is true. Once you've decided on Atlas as your moving company, there a

21 Packing Tips to Make Moving Easy and Fun

Whether you are moving across the street, or across the country, it can be an exciting -- and stressful -- event. The next time that you move, use our packing tips to make the process go smoothly.

Getting Internet After a Move

Getting Internet after a move is just another bullet point on your relocation task list, but thankfully, many Internet service providers offer programs to make the process easier.

Moving Resources: A Helpful Guide and Checklist

There is an abundance of great, informative moving resources available to consumers to help ease the process of moving to a new home. If you are in need of a handy checklist to help prepare you for the transition, this helpful guide ...