2013 Resolution Help: Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

Weight loss and fitness apps for your phone!?! Why not?

Your smartphone is always with you, including when you work out. Instead of just using it to listen to music during your next workout, make the smartphone work for you. Your phone can be used for everything from a personal trainer to a food calculator — and it’s always there with you. There are a lot of powerful apps out there that can help you through all aspects of your health routine.

Great Fitness Apps for Your Phone

I’ve talked to a variety of people to find some of their favorite fitness apps and now I’m passing them on to you.

Fitness Apps - Zombie Run

Zombies Run Game – $3.99

Available for: iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone

Not a free application, but well worth it for the runner or walker that needs motivation. This is an interactive game that works with your music and enhances your run by making it fun. The story unfolds in between your music. You are helping to rebuild a base by collecting supplies and avoiding zombie hoards.

My Fitness Pal – Free

Available for: iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone

You start by inputting the basics of height, weight and lifestyle. Then you tell it your goal weight and this program gives you fitness recommendations, which are broken up into one-month increments. The small, one-month goals make a fantastic motivator as it allows you to view your small successes.

This site has an incredibly easy-to-use food diary with over 2 million preloaded items for everyday foods. It includes many restaurants, which allow you to take the guesswork out of calorie counting. The application even includes a barcode scanner, which will let you instantly match food to the database while shopping and menu planning.

Eat This, Not That! The Game – Free

Available for: iOS, Android

A fun way to learn what your healthy options are the next time you go out for lunch or dinner. They show you two similar foods and you choose, which one you think is the healthier option. You may be surprised by the real answer.

Fitness Apps - Eat This Not That

LiveStrong – Free

Available for: iOS Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone

They have a good calorie tracking tool, which is also available online and ties in with the rest of their website. The website is well designed and easy to use. It is also a branch of Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong charity and strongly emphasizes overall health rather than just simple calorie tracking and weight loss.

Fitness Buddy – $0.99

Available for: iOS, Android

This is one of a few comprehensive fitness apps geared towards those on a fitness or muscle building program. It has over 1,000 exercises that work on each muscle group and provides you with detailed instructions, photos and animation to ensure you do the exercise correctly.

This program has routines which are tailored to individual goals, such as chest building, weight loss, etc. This program even has specific workouts geared towards women. It does not require expensive gym equipment since the program will design a routine based off of your available equipment.

Lose It! – Free

Available for: iOS, Android, Nook, Kindle

This is one of our favorite diet and fitness apps, as it creates a daily “calorie budget” based on your details and weight-loss goals. You enter everything you eat and your exercise for the day, then the app will display how many calories you have remaining in your “budget.” The food database includes calorie counts of many popular restaurants and it seems to be growing almost daily. When you first start the program, entering everything you eat can be a little time consuming, but as your personal database grows it gets easier because you can just add them to your daily total with a click.

Fitness Apps - Map My RunMap My Run – Free

Available for: iOS, Blackberry, Android

This uses your phones GPS technology to track distance, pace, time and speed during your outdoor workout. The program allows you to create a training log for bike rides, walks or runs, so you can monitor your progress. This is a great program for anyone working their way up to a marathon run.

Noom – Free

Available for: Android

Noom is a complete weight-loss toolkit that helps you set goals and track your progress. The application lets you set a weight-loss goal and see your progress by tracking your calorie intake and calorie burn. They also have several accessory applications which are designed to enhance your fitness and weight-loss experience.

There are several other applications out there, but these were the most frequently used fitness apps among the people I polled. The people who use these applications are everyday people. They ranged from bodybuilders looking to add bulk, to homemakers looking to lose a few pounds.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you find the perfect program for your heath and fitness goals.