RentSpek App Makes Apartment Hunting Much Easier


Nothing is worse than realizing you made a horrible mistake with your new place, after you went apartment hunting for weeks. The RentSpek app helps apartment renters who usually don’t get the luxury of doing home inspections before they’re asked to sign their contract.

RentSpek actually does do the same amount of analysis that many home inspections would do, and it has developed a patent pending method that helps renters determine if the place would be beneficial for a short-term living arrangement, like one or two years.

RentSpek Checks Everything

Rentspek appThis app will factor in stuff like the life of many of the appliances, as well as the physical condition of the property, which includes discovering any water damage you might not have otherwise known about.

The app will walk an apartment hunting prospect through the residence, asking questions dealing with several factors, and then a score is given at the very end which should help with any decision.

People can use their smartphones to add pictures to RentSpek, and you can even share the complete “Spek” with a roommate or spouse who might be unable to go look themselves.

Along those same lines, you can take photos of the move-in condition and store them. This would certainly help any future possible disputes a landlord might have with their tenant.

Free RentSpek App For Apartment Hunting

The iPhone app on iTunes was launched in April and updated in May. Do a Spek of your own for your next prospective home, and see what you find!

RentSpek App to Help MoversWith the “Add Document” section, you can take pictures of the location and also load up any documents your realtor or landlord might give you while you’re checking the place out.

Once you’re sure this place is the place for you, you choose, “My Place,” and you’ll get a set of options that help you for when you eventually move out. For instance, this is where you’ll store your “moving in” photos and then eventually, your “moving out” photos.

Any time your landlord sends you a notice or you get anything repaired, take pictures of the documents and store them here.

Another cool thing this app has is something called, “InstaBug,” which is a small image of a ladybug that you’ll see in different spots in the app. If you see something that’s not right in the app, or something isn’t working the way you think it should, click the bug and you can let the app’s developers know, so they can fix it quickly.

The Rentspek app is a free tool that will help make moving much easier. Along those same lines, don’t forget to check out the free e-book, “Digital Landing Moving Guide“!

Photo Credit: Ericman2001