Relocating to a Bigger City


Moving to a new home in another region can be a life changing event. Follow these helpful tips when relocating to a bigger city to make the transition more enjoyable. With information in hand and a preparation checklist to guide you, the moving process can be more of an adventure and a time to explore new horizons.

How to Choose A Moving Company

When you are ready to contact a potential moving company to get more information about their services and costs, the business section of your phone book is a great place to start. Most major moving companies in your area will usually have advertisements posted in the Yellow Pages section.

If you are still unsure of which moving company to go with then do some research on the Internet to see if online reviews have been submitted by past customers. Many consumers also visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) online to look for detailed information and possible complaints about moving companies before making the decision to hire them.

It is important that the moving company you ultimately select is licensed and insured. This information should ideally be included in their Yellow Pages ad and on their official website. Try to go with a company that has been in business for several years. You want a moving company that has earned a solid reputation for providing great services to their customers.

Compare Estimates and Costs and Get It In Writing

Getting the best price in combination with terrific service should be the goal of every consumer that makes the decision to move. Relocating to a bigger city need not be overly expensive. Contact several moving companies to get estimates and make sure that they are in writing.

Understand that a general estimate may be given over the phone based on the information you provide. A more accurate estimate can only be provided when a representative from the moving company visits your home and gets a firsthand look at everything you need to have moved.

Closely examine the written estimate and fine print for any clauses regarding liability and potential damage to your belongings. If you decide not to use the insurance provided by the moving company then make sure that your homeowner’s insurance covers any claims that may arise if any of your belongings are damaged during transit.

Prepare for Your Move to a New City

Once you have decided on a moving company, the next step is to sort through and get rid of excess junk. Over the years you have lived in your present home, your family has likely accumulated many items that have been stored away and are no longer being used. Consider going through a few boxes and having a tag sale or perhaps donating some of the items to local charities. As a bonus, donations to charitable organizations are tax deductible – so keep the receipt so you have it handy when you file your taxes next spring.

Free Digital Landing Moving GuideOther preparations may include making arrangements to have your vehicles transported if you plan on taking a flight to your new destination and not driving directly. Some moving companies offer services for both basic moving and transporting and shipping vehicles. If you can hire a company that offers both services that would be a big bonus and less stress.

If your family has pets then you need to keep their comfort in mind during the process of preparation for moving. If you plan on taking a flight when moving to your new home, some airlines will accommodate pets . When going the route of making the trip in the family vehicle, if your move is cross country make sure to book your overnight stays with hotels that are pet friendly.

Do Some Research On Your New Destination

After you have decided on a moving company, gotten a written estimate, and started packing, it’s important to learn more about the city where your new home is located. The next step is to do some research to learn more about locale and the surrounding community. Be sure to visit the Chamber of Commerce website that covers the region where you will be living.

This is great way to get detailed information about the general community and usually includes helpful data about schools, shopping, businesses, cultural activities, events and much more. Many Chamber of Commerce websites have brochures that can be downloaded and printed. Some sites offer the option of having a hard copy brochure mailed directly to consumers.

Put together a list of service providers in your new area before you move so you have it handy in case of any emergencies. This list includes health care providers such as doctors, pharmacists, and veterinarians. Know where your vehicle can be serviced if needed and review the local listings of other regularly used services such as banks, beauty salons, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

Handy Checklist of To-Do Items After Your Move

It is important to write up a helpful checklist of things that you need to take care of at your new home when relocating to a bigger city. Make sure that you contact utility and service providers before you move to arrange for electricity and heat to be made available and ready to use when you arrive.

You will need to contact the local providers for Home Phone service including a Mobile Phone carrier as well as getting hooked up for Digital TV or Cable TV services and Internet. Make arrangements to have your mail forwarded to your new address. Trash pickup services will need to be set up so they are in place after relocating to a bigger city.

Whether you need to move after getting that super promotion at work or are simply seeking greener pastures, get ready to experience the best that life has to offer when relocating to a bigger city by checking out the great deals offered by service providers and helpful moving resources right here on Digital Landing.

Photo Credit: Justin Brown