Reduce Cable Costs: Tips to Saving Money

Lower Cable Bill - Tips to Saving Money

Everyone needs some tips to saving money. And over the years, Cable TV has become a one-stop place for entertainment, sports, news, and education. It’s also morphed into a place where you can shop for products (on home shopping networks), advertise, listen to music, and more. As a cable subscriber, it’s important to consider several tips to saving money on cable costs.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center reported that the most common regular household expenses, according to consumers, include Cable and Satellite TV services (78 percent), cell phone services (74 percent), and Internet service (65 percent). With the rising costs of Cable TV services specifically, people are looking for helpful tips to saving money on their monthly bills.

While Cable TV is the number one source for entertainment, news, and information, it still comes with a price tag, and the major cable companies, like Comcast, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable, continue to raise their monthly rates. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) continue to raise their prices, also. The rising cost of cable services affects individual consumers and businesses alike.

Today, many consumers are finding creative ways to save a few dollars each month on their cable bills. To help solve the problem some customers contact their Internet Service provider directly and ask for a discount on their bill. This type of request doesn’t necessarily work every time, but it’s always worth the effort to save money on your bill. Nowadays, cable companies are very competitive, and they can’t afford to lose their existing customer base.

Tips to Saving Money With Cable TV

Have you considered bundling your existing services?

Some companies allow you to “bundle” services such as Cable, Internet, and telephone. Since many cable companies offer discounts on bundled services, you can save more money on a “bundled” deal (as opposed to buying these services individually).

If you’ve already signed up with a particular cable company, you may want to take a closer look at your current bill. Companies like AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and many others allow you to bundle their services. For example, if you’ve signed up with a company like Comcast, you can bundle your Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and Home Phone into a single bill every month. Most companies will discount these individual services, if you are willing to bundle them all into a single package.

As a smart consumer, check out several websites to determine which ISP offers the best rates and services in your area.

Call Your Cable Company Directly

You can save money on your monthly cable bill by picking up the phone and calling your current Cable TV provider. When you get a representative on the phone, ask if the company has any promotional offers for which you may be eligible. As a valued customer, the company may offer a discounted deal on your existing services.

When you call a customer service representative, ask him/her to explain your monthly cable charges in detail. While asking questions, be sure to have your Cable TV bill at your side. In a diplomatic way, you should also explain that you’ve done some research and found cheaper rates elsewhere. For the most part, cable companies are extremely competitive, and can’t afford to lose your business. If the company is forced to choose between lowering your rates or losing your business, they’ll often choose to give you a better deal.

Shop Around

As a smart consumer, it’s always a good idea to shop around for the best deal. When you have a few extra moments in the day, turn on your PC, iPad, or iPhone, and browse through deals from major companies in your area. Just enter your street address in the top-right corner of this page. You’ll be surprised to find several good deals from the major hitters. Even some of the smaller, lesser-known companies, like Earthlink and CenturyLink, are always looking to gain new business, and as a result, these companies also offer some good rates on cable services and more.

Since tough economic times and a recession has taken its toll on consumers and businesses alike, cable providers are more likely to extend discounts to customers in need. As stated earlier, they can’t afford to lose your business. As a valued customer, your provider should be willing to work with you.

Re-Evaluate Your Needs

Whether you’re a long-time cable customer, or a new subscriber on a limited budget, you still need to evaluate your Cable TV/Internet needs.

You may want to consider some free alternatives to expensive premium channels and on-demand movies to cable. For example, borrowing DVDs from your local library, or an online subscription such as Blockbuster or Netflix.

As these tough economic times continue to adversely affect consumers and businesses, cable and phone service providers seem to be more receptive to giving discounts to customers and business. As a smart consumer/business owner, you still need to consider every option available for saving money.