Recycle Your iPod into a Security Camera


Like many people that use iOS devices, I’m sure you have a few outdated models lying around because you don’t know what to do with them. You can recycle your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPads and turn them into security cameras. It’s a lot more productive than laying in the back of a drawer of the bottom of a box collecting dust.

Presence is an app that can turn many iOS devices into remotely monitored video cameras. This unique application turns a spare iOS device into a free Wi-Fi or cellular video camera. The possibilities for this system are almost endless. You can use it as a pet cam, nanny cam, or as a security camera for unusual places. Set it up to see who is breaking into your shed, or outside your tent to see how the squirrels are getting into your food. It can be used to keep an eye on your elderly relatives, or to find out what time your teen sneaks back into the house. You load the Presence app onto both your old device and your new one, then set the old one as your camera which will send video feed to your current iOS device.

The iOS devices can be set with motion detection that will send you alerts with five-second clips of what just happened to set it off. It can also be configured for video and audio streaming to allow you to have two-way conversations when you find that the alert was your son coming home early from his game. You can even use it to remind your parents about appointments or to take their medication once they are awake and moving.

Easy Monitoring

All you need to make your own surveillance system is an old iOS device, an active Internet connection, a simple app, and your current iOS device. This not only makes a great and inexpensive home security system, but it also works anywhere that you can connect to a Wi-Fi signal. That means you can set it up in your dorm room, your car, or even your tent when you are camping.

Download the Presence app onto your older iOS device and your new one, then connect them via Wi-Fi or cellular. As long as the devices have power, you have a video camera that you can place anywhere.

Peace of Mind

You feel better knowing that you can keep an eye on your elderly parents, or see what your teenagers are up to. When you are away from home, it’s only a click of the button to see how everything and everyone is doing.

Customized Alerts

Presence comes with a variety of options. You can set the system to send you an instant alert when motion is detected. This lets you know when someone has broken in, the kids are home or when your family members are moving around.

Easy Share

You can easily share your video feed via your Twitter account, either publicly or privately, allowing others to see what you see. You can share a humorous moment with a friend, or provide live feed for the police. You can also record the moments to share later.

Save Money

A good security system is expensive to install, and if you go with a security company you have contracts and monthly fees. There are inexpensive security systems out there that you can install and monitor yourself, but that still requires an initial outlay of money. It also takes up valuable time to set up the systems.

This is an inexpensive system that probably uses something that you already have lying around. So why not recycle your iPod Touch or other iOS devices and put them to use as your security system. The basic Presence application is free, or few dollars more you can upgrade to the Presence-Pro and get additional features.

One added feature of this security system is that there is no need for wires, making it entirely portable. You can put the camera anywhere that you want. To improve your low-cost home security system, Presence also offers a variety of stands for your iOS devices that can allow your camera to rotate in place.