Quantum TV: The Next Step in a Digital Revolution

Quantum TV from Verizon

The new Quantum TV DVR is able to record up to 12 shows at the same time. Suddenly, there’s no need to restrict what shows are being recorded. No longer does your favorite reality show get missed because your daughter is recording “American Idol” and your husband is recording “CSI.”

Quantum TV’s Digital Revolution

We’re in the midst of one of the most technologically advanced eras in human history. Digital technology has affected how people think and live their lives. One dramatic way that digital technology has changed our lives, is in the way people think of things such as entertainment.

We no longer want to sit and wait for a scheduled program, and if we don’t like a program, we won’t sit and watch it just because it’s on. Gone are the days when one person controlled the family viewing — now we can all watch what we want, when we want.

Advances in Recording Technology

The analog VHS did make it possible to record shows but, you needed a master’s degree in modern technology to figure out how to program it. One of the more impressive entertainment inventions of the digital era has been the DVR. For many this was a modern marvel that eliminated conflicts between their social and viewing schedules.

Everyone loves having a DVR because of the ease with which they can be used. However, conflicts over which shows should be recorded can be a common issues in large households. It didn’t take long before a DVR which could records two shows, simultaneously was introduced. It relieved some of the stress, but larger families still had to make some very difficult decisions.

When the DVR was invented, it made analog methods of recording information pretty much obsolete. Now Verizon introduces Quantum TV, and all other DVR devices may have to undergo substantial improvements in order to compete.

The Next Step in Digital Recording

The new Quantum TV system is an upgrade on the standard cable boxes used by Verizon. It gives you six tuners and a 1TB hard drive, in one box. It can be connected to record up to 12 channels at once and play on up to 10 TVs. Better still, the new system lets viewers pause and rewind live TV via the extender boxes. Another fantastic feature is that it lets viewers pause a program in one room and resume it in another.

This step seems like a natural progression of the FiOS system, which bundles Home Phone service with Internet access and digital Cable TV.

Representatives at Verizon have said an outcry from their existing FiOS customers led to the development of the new Quantum TV DVR. The service is available as two different packages. There’s a premium service and an enhanced service package. The enhanced service may be better suited for smaller households as it offer less flexibility for a lower rate. This package will still allow the recording of up to six shows simultaneously, and one terabyte of storage space.

Verizon’s president of mass business Bob Mudge says the goal of the FiOS platform is to offer the best TV experience to Verizon customers. The new system certainly takes a lot of customer feedback into consideration. For years most cable patrons have been asking for improvements in today’s DVR options. Verizon has provided the answers. More storage and more flexibility mean the FiOS Quantum TV DVR will finally be able to deliver the results which real people have been demanding for years.

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