Delivering Recent Provider Service Ratings

Provider Service Ratings

Provider service ratings are pretty low across the board. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at cellular carriers, Internet providers, or providers of TV service, most of them have fairly dismal approval ratings from customers. These ratings are reported by numerous companies and groups, from Business Insider to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. One thing the ratings all have in common is that they aren’t very good, but it’s also clear that they are also improving over time.

Business Insider Ran Two Stories Last Year

The magazine Business Insider did two polls last year asking readers to rate the worst companies in regards to overall service. These polls were published in May and December of 2013. In the May poll of the 15 worst companies, AT&T tied Bank of America for last place.

According to those responding to the survey, Cox Communications came in at eleventh overall, with a rating of 65 out of 100, while respondents rated their Internet and Phone services slightly better. Charter Communications is in a three-way tie for seventh place, while Comcast is listed as the second-worst ISP (in fourth place), with a rating of 62/100. With a 60/100, Time Warner Cable was seen as the worst provider of Cable TV services. December poll results included:

  • T-Mobile tied for fifteenth with Delta Airlines
  • Cox Communications Cable TV and AT&T Internet ranked 11th with scores of 65/100
  • There was a four-way tie for seventh, including CenturyLink Internet and Charter Television
  • Rated as the third-worst company with a score of 62/100 is Comcast’s Internet service
  • Time Warner Cable again scores a 60/100 and comes in as the worst Television provider and the second worst overall.

JDPower Rates the Television Provider Industry as a Whole

JDPower is probably the largest provider of customer satisfaction surveys in the country. Late in 2013, they posted a report about the Cable TV industry as a whole.

  • Rated as the No. 1 frustration for customers is service outages.
  • Using a 1,000-point scale, the Cable TV provider industry received a customer satisfaction score of 699.
  • Performance and reliability are the two most important factors in determining customer satisfaction.
  • During the previous 12 months, 765 of those responding state they experienced a service outage of some sort and 51 percent reported a complete loss of signal.

This is how the major TV providers in the North Central region fared:

Those in the Eastern portion of the U.S. reported the following results:

  • Verizon FiOS = 735
  • DISH Network = 734
  • DirecTV = 733
  • Cox Communications, Optimum (Cablevision) and Comcast’s XFINITY all scored 687
  • Time Warner Cable came in last with 649 points

The Southern region breaks down as follows:

  • With 744 points is DirecTV
  • AT&T U-verse received 742 points
  • DISH Network came in with 734
  • Verizon FiOS got 732 points
  • Bright House Networks followed with 716
  • Cox Communications came in sixth with 698 points
  • Suddenlink received 691
  • Comcast’s XFINITY placed third-to-last with 678 points
  • Charter Communications got 674 points
  • Time Warner Cable again brings up the rear with 664 points

The Western region providers were rated as follows::

  • DISH Network rated among the best with 737 points
  • Verizon FiOS came in second best with 732 points
  • 726 points put DirecTV in third
  • With 718, AT&T U-verse is in fourth
  • Cox Communications’ 692 points put it in fifth
  • 679 points made Comcast’s XFINITY the sixth-rated provider
  • Time Warner Cable moves up two places with 663 and seventh place
  • Making Charter’s overall rating as second-worst, Charter received 654 points
  • Mediacom Communications’ 610 points made it the worst in the West

The American Customer Satisfaction Index

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) is a program of the University of Michigan and rates customer satisfaction across all industries by industry. This report gives numerous provider service ratings for the industry as a whole. Nationally, overall satisfaction with Internet providers increased to 76.6 percent.

Customer satisfaction for the subscription Television (Cable, Satellite, Fiber) industry as a whole increased for the first time in three years to 68 percent, still making it one of the lowest-scoring industries that the ACSI tracks. Rising costs and increasing service outages keep the TV sector ranked poorly. With an ACSI score of 73, Verizon’s FiOS service tops the charts. With a 60, TWC again comes in dead last. On a bright note, all respondents in the HD area said picture quality is something that makes them sing. The country’s top Internet Service Provided ranked as follows:

  • Verizon FiOS ranks highest with 71 points
  • Cox Communications is next with 68
  • AT&T’s U-verse and Charter Communications tie for third with 65 points
  • Fifth place goes to CenturyLink with 64 points
  • TWC is sixth with 63 points
  • Comcast rates worst, in seventh, with 62 points

These low scores are explained by frequent issues with speed, reliability, and rising monthly costs.

These provider service ratings weren’t issued in a vacuum. The providers listed all realize that these low service ratings provide room for improvement and that by improving and making public plans to improve their processes they can improve competitiveness. Plans and pricing are no longer battleground issues for providers. Improved customer service ratings will be.