Pros and Cons of New CBS Streaming Service: Is CBS All Access Right for You?


CBS has recently announced it’s entry into the streaming content wars. The new CBS streaming plan is called CBS All Access and it’s available now for just under $6 month, with a free one-week trial period.

Once viewers subscribe to the service, they can then stream CBS content online without a Cable TV subscription. In the past, viewers could visit the network’s website and stream episodes of some of it’s most popular content without a charge or subscription. This allowed viewers to view episodes of shows such as the hit reality TV show Survivor the day after the episode originally aired. Other current shows were not available for streaming. With the new service, users will be able to watch Survivor and many other shows in real time, or go back and watch them later.

With so many streaming content providers now available to choose from, you might have a hard time deciding whether the service is right for you. The following are several of the advantages and disadvantages of CBS All Access to help you make a more informed decision.

Advantages of New CBS Streaming Service

CBS All Access provides users with several benefits. Including several of the following advantages.

  • In addition to watching shows live via the viewer’s local CBS station, other popular CBS shows that were not available online will also be available to stream with the new service. This is a distinct advantage over other content providers such as Hulu and Netflix that only provide access to the prior seasons of a limited number of shows from CBS and other networks.
  • Ad free access to over 6,500 popular TV Show episodes found in the CBS Classic Library.
  • Users can download an app to stream CBS All Access Content on the go with their laptop, smartphone or other mobile platform.
  • Many sports casts, such as SEC games, can be watched live via streaming from the local market.
  • Closed captioning is available for both live TV and on demand programming available via CBS All Access.
  • Live broadcasts of local news, daytime programs and prime-time programming.

Disadvantages of CBS All Access

The following limitations are some of the disadvantages to the CBS Streaming Plan.

  • While SEC games can be streamed via the CBS app, other professional and amateur sporting events, such as NFL games, are not currently available. When a sporting event is available, viewers are still subjected to commercials since they are streaming the program from their local CBS location.
  • In order to watch episodes of TV and other programs live, viewers must be located within a local CBS market location. If viewers are not within a local CBS market location, they still have access to TV Shows found in the Classic Library as well as prior episodes of current shows, but not being able to stream live TV due to location is a severe limitation.
  • While CBS is working diligently to add local CBS stations to increase coverage area for Live TV streams, there are currently only a limited number of local CBS stations. These stations include: WJZ in Baltimore, MD, WBBM in Chicago, IL, WBZ in Boston, MA and Manchester, NH, KYW in Philadephia, PA, KDKA in Pittsburgh, PA, KOVR inSacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA, KPIX in San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA,KCNC in Denver, CO, KTVT in Dallas, TX, WWL in Detroit, MI, WFOR in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL, KCBS in Los Angeles, CA, WCCO in Minneapolis, MN, and WCBS in New York, NY.
  • Live TV via CBS streaming is also not available outside the United States.
  • Subscribers currently cannot receive access content by logging in with the username and password of their current Television provider, but this is a feature that CBS would like to add in the future. Other streaming content apps, such as ESPN and other networks such as ABC allow users to do so.

Whether the current advantages of CBS All Access outweigh the disadvantages is a decision that will have to be made by each individual. We are interested in what our readers think of the new CBS Streaming service and app. Please let us know in the comments section below if you are tempted to try the service and whether or not it will replace a current streaming vendor, such as Hulu, Netflix or Amazon, or if you intent to use the service alongside other streaming providers.

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