Preorder for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Begins Friday


Apple’s newest devices officially went on sale Friday, as customers were able to preorder the new mobile phones at 12:01am PT Friday morning.

The phones, which were introduced Tuesday by Apple CEO Tim Cook, officially go on sale in stores on Sept. 19. Customers who choose to preorder their phones can have them shipped to them, or they can be picked up at the Apple store on that day.

The phones feature different designs in size, as the Plus measures roughly 0.8 inches bigger than the 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

Since the phones are going to be a little bit bigger, they also have some new features that work better with a bigger device. For instance, when held in landscape mode, there’s a two-pane display that allows you to see a list of your email on the left, with the contents of your email on your right, possibly like the iPad.

Also, these new phones will enable customers to use Apple Pay, which is a mobile payment system that allows users to pay for items in stores by holding your phone up to a checkout terminal rather than a physical credit card.