PhotoTime App Organizes, Tags Photos as They’re Shot


PhotoTime is a new photo management app for iPhones and iPads that automatically organizes and tags all of the pictures you take, as you take them.

Orbeus Inc., the company that created the app, uses “image and facial recognition technology to instantly generate keyword tags” inside your smartphone.

Users will now be able to search for pictures in their phone by using those tags.

“Built-in advanced facial recognition technology automatically groups faces that are likely to be the same person together, allowing users to assign a name and turn it into a searchable keyword,” explains. “To search, users can simply type in the person’s name. With Facebook connected, users’ Facebook friends’ names are assigned to their groups automatically. The more you use PhotoTime, the smarter it becomes — PhotoTime’s learning technology recognizes and groups similar faces in new photos based on every tag. For example, if your friend Emily is tagged in a photo, PhotoTime will recognize Emily’s face in future photos taken, and automatically add the photo into Emily’s group.”

Users will also be able to connect their PhotoTime app with Instagram, iCloud and eventually Dropbox.