Petcube: The Happy Pet Solution


Petcube is an innovative, creative solution for owners and their furry friends to help keep them connected remotely. Whether you have a pet who may experience anxiety separation when you leave them alone or you simply want to check in on them when not at home, this amazing device will let you monitor and play with them so that they are content and happy.

Connect With Your Furry Friends While at Work

It is not uncommon for cuddly pets to become upset when their owners leave them alone for extended periods of time. Do your pooches ravage your furniture and chew up your slippers and shoes while you are not at home? Do your clever felines leave claw marks on your doors while you are out shopping?

While you are at work all day, shopping or visiting with friends, pets can become lonely. Dogs and cats need companionship and want to stay connected to their owners to be happy. Petcube was designed to provide owners with the capability to remotely connect and interact with their furry friends virtually from a distance.

The mobile device will let you watch your pets in action to see what they are up to when you are not at home. Think of Petcube as a social networking tool that you can use to keep in touch with your beloved buddies so that they are happy when you are out and about. This innovative gadget works by keeping pets and their owners happily bonded when apart from each other.

Product Design and Features

The Petcube is an aluminum encased 4″ cube that offers consumers the option of choosing a custom cover to personalize it and make it even more unique. The device uses a wide angle camera that is strategically placed behind glass and includes a microphone and speakers as well as a low intensity laser.

When you receive the device, setup is very easy and straightforward. You need to have your home networked with wireless Wi-Fi and you also need a mini-USB port power supply. Consumers simply plug the mobile device into the USB port wall outlet and then get connected with Wi-Fi using the downloaded Apple iTunes app.

This truly unique gadget will let you connect to and pamper your pets. Your lonely pets will be amused and happy to hear your voice emanating from the clever little box sitting on a nearby table. Use the built-in laser to engage and entertain your pets and to provide some healthy exercise as well. Viewing includes HD video streaming that provides crisp, clear images.

The mobile app for the device can be modified so that you can share your pet videos with friends and family. You can even provide access for others to remotely connect with and entertain your pets while you are not at home. The co-founders have even gone a step further by promoting the mobile device at pet shelters so that prospective owners can connect and interact with potential pets for adoption.

Timeline: From Design to Production to Market

Petcube’s brilliant design was conceived by Alex Neskin, CTO and founder with a background in robotics, research and development. Neskin partnered with co-founders Yaroslav Azhnyuk and Andrey Klen to obtain financial backing and support from Kickstarter in September 2013. The team successfully received funding and support for Petcube on November 5, 2013.

Moving forward in time, team members then collaborated on plans for choosing a manufacturer and putting together the specifications for logistics, quality control, production and release of the product. Pet owners eager to purchase the fascinating gadget can pre-order directly online with an expected availability date for the initial shipment due in October 2014.

Compatibility for using the app requires consumers to use the Apple iOS 6.0 or later system. The device is compatible with several Apple devices including the iPhone, iPod and iPad. While you are waiting for your Petcube to arrive, check out the downloadable app that is available on Apple iTunes.