Personalizing Your Mobile Phone

Personalize Your Cell Phone

Mobile phones show up everywhere these days. They have come a long way from the early car phones of the 1970s. Mobile phones weren’t mass produced until the early 1980s and by the beginning of the 21st century, they were tiny, portable and affordable.

The cellular phone is a miniature modern marvel that has gone beyond the confines of being just a telephone. They can perform like a computer, a day planner, a gaming platform, a camera, and even a pocket-sized mobile cinema. Utilizing the proper cables, one can even connect a phone to a television for a larger viewing screen or use it as a personal mp3 player. The applications for these tiny powerhouses are unlimited.

Mobile phones, including many smartphones, are available in a limited variety of sizes and shapes. There are flip phones, sliding phones with hidden keyboards, standard bar phones, and touchscreens. Most phones have a similar look, though, which makes personalizing them almost a necessity for individual identification.

There are many ways to make a phone stand out that goes beyond the personalized ringtones. This is where your creativity is given free rein and you have a chance to express yourself, while making it easy to identify your phone.

Ready, Get Set, Glue!

Personalizing your cell phone -- cover display
There are hundreds of different looks you could give your cell phone case. By Jen, via Wikimedia Commons

If you have an artistic or crafty side then you may want to try creating your own rhinestone masterpiece. This requires glue, fake jewels and free time. Rhinestone strips or plastic gems can easily be found at most department or craft stores. Plastic gems can also be found at many smaller retailers, like your local drug store. Many craft departments also offer rhinestone cards which have sticky bottoms, so no glue is necessary. However, this does tend to be less permanent than glue. Some people choose to use genuine crystals, instead of glass or plastic.

You might want to start your decorating by sketching up a plan before starting. This will ensure that you have a clear idea of the outcome before you begin. It will also give you easy reference during the process.

Many people choose to draw directly on the phone case with a pencil to lay out their plan of attack. When decorating your phone be careful that you do not cover any essential parts, such as the camera lens, speakers, microphone or ports. Protecting these parts with masking tape before starting is a smart idea — that way, it won’t affect you when you play your mobile games!

Once your gems or decorations are in place, set the phone aside and allow the glue to set for 10 minutes. Once set, very gently run a finger over the design to root out any loose gems. Glue loose or fallen stones back into place and set the unit aside for several hours to allow the glue to fully cure.

Sticky Choices

Personalizing your cell phone
Personalizing your cell phone with stickers gives it a unique look only you could give it.

If you would rather not use sparkles and gems on your phone case, then stickers are an option. There are thousands of stickers to choose from that can be purchased from almost any store. This is a perfect way to have some creative free rein without the use of permanent adhesives. Stickers can often be peeled off later or new stickers can be placed over the old.

Electrical tape is another common decorating option. It comes in a myriad of colors and patterns. The tape is multi-functional as it can be used to hold a damaged phone case together and it can be cut into a customized shape or design. Again, be cautious that you do not cover anything vital like the speakers or camera lens.

Snap On or Slap On

For those phone owners who do not care for glue or sticky things, many companies now offer slide-on cases in various patterns and colors that are easily slipped over the phones for a new look. This is the more versatile and least permanent solution, allowing for quick changes based on moods, seasons or simply to accessorize.

Phone charms are also a great way to find your phone in a hurry and add a bit of show. Inexpensive and utterly changeable, you may even wish to dangle more than one. Think of charms as phone jewelry and have fun with them.

Why Personalize Your Mobile Phone?

Today, it is rare to find someone who does not “live by their phone” and store valuable information inside it. Each owner is an individual, and so it is reasonable that the mobile phone should be individualized, too. It is also important that your mobile phone stand out in a lost and found box.

A stack of simple black phones can cause some confusion, but if you add a dash of personalization, then your mobile phone will stand out as a reflection of your inner genius.