Peace of Mind with Lifeshield Security

Peace of Mind with LifeShield Security

LifeShield Security started in 2002, but since then, this new kid on the block has really started to shine. They offer some of the best customer service available from a home security company and that is what is making them rise through the ranks. Excellent customer service starts the second you even inquire about their services.

No Hard Sales

They give you information up front about what their services are and what the cost is. They don’t try to hard sell you on upgrades or give you a runaround on package deals. LifeShield doesn’t try to confuse you with a myriad of options that you aren’t even going to use. They give you all the information you need to choose the best service to protect you and your family.

Packages for Everyone

LifeShield offers packages and security levels that will work for everyone. They have three standard packages for the homeowner: Gold, Silver and Platinum. They also have packages for renters and business owners. If you have a unique situation, then for less than $100, you can hire one of LifeShield’s professional installers, or you can reduce your cost by choosing to install the security system on your own. The wireless system is simple and easy to install.

No Contract

The best part of LifeShield security and the packages they offer is that there is NO contract to sign. Unlike most of the other home security companies you are not tied to them for a 2-, 3- or 5-year contract. You are not under any obligation to maintain their services for any set length of time. You can cancel your subscription at any time, with no penalties. LifeShield bills on a monthly basis for services used, if you choose not to use their service after only a few months, then you have no obligations. They only ask that you return the equipment at the time of termination.

Great Customer Service

They want their customers to be happy so LifeShield provides the equipment for free, all you pay for is the monitoring and they ask that the equipment be returned when you cancel your account. This company is customer oriented, which is what has prompted them to create a massive online database of frequently asked questions. The easily accessible knowledge base covers everything, including installation, troubleshooting, and basic use. What’s even better is that if you can’t find the answer online, they are always there ready to answer your questions. Live customer service can be acquired either through a simple phone call or online via their help desk live chat.

Simplicity at its Best

Their wireless security system offers you both cellular and broadband monitoring at all times. So when one method goes down the other will still be up — your home will always be protected. They have a dual monitoring system and guarantee that your security system will not go down.

You have complete control of the security system through the central monitoring station or you can access it from anywhere using your Android, iDevice, or web interface. The simple controls will have you handling your security system like a pro in no time.

The easy-to-install wireless system is perfect because it requires no wiring or any home modification — no drilling is required. It is easy to relocate the system components to areas that you feel need monitoring, so that you can streamline and optimize your system at anytime.

LifeShield Security Benefits

  • Basic plug-and-play installation for quick easy setup.
  • No drilling or wiring required due to their wireless communication system.
  • System can be monitored from an iDevice, Android phone, or the LifeShield online interface.
  • Guarantee that your system is always active.
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Potential to save up to 20 percent on homeowner’s insurance.
  • No monthly contract
  • No hard sales
  • No cancellation penalties

LifeShield Security offers low prices and great quality. Don’t be scared just because they are relatively new or because they have lower prices. These new kids on the block want to earn, and keep your business. LifeShield cares about its customers and great customer service is what they focus on. If their customers aren’t happy, then neither is the company, and they will do everything they can to give you the best home security package for your money.

Check out LifeShield for yourself to see what fantastic deals they can give you on a home security system. You don’t need to go bankrupt in order to protect your home and family, LifeShield security offers low-cost security options that will fit any budget.


  1. Not sure where you are getting the no contract thing from? Is that if you buy all the equipment yourself (well over $500)?

    If you go online and view their packages, they all require a 5 year commit (and you get the equipment free).

  2. Micheal;

    You are apparently correct, the company does not offer ‘no contract’ packages. It seems that I may have misinterpreted the sales person I was talking to, it was an offering local to me, by a local sales person, who I have been unable to contact again.

    The online pricing are special incentives, several of the prices you see are available online only and are for 5 year contracts. They do have 3 year contracts, which you can get by calling them directly.

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