Optimum vs. Time Warner Cable vs. Verizon FiOS: Who Wins in NYC?


Optimum vs. Time Warner Cable vs. Verizon FiOS: Who has the best service in the Big Apple? If you live in New York City or are planning on the big move, check out how these popular providers match up. We’ll take a look at services, bundles, prices and what features make each service stand out from the others.

Verizon FiOS in New York City

Verizon FiOS, which uses fiber optic networks, is a strong option for media lovers and others who would like some additional, dependable bandwidth. For TV, you get a choice between prime, extreme and ultimate HD packages, which all have the same HD but give you more channels. You can also get premier channels or choose between several sports packages on FiOS — and FiOS comes with apps that allow you to watch a number of channels through your mobile devices.

A Verizon FiOS Triple Play bundle, which includes Home Phone, TV and Internet service with a two-year contract, will cost you around $90 per month. For this you get around 25 Mbps for your Internet speeds. The contract also comes with a bonus $250 prepaid Visa card, a deal that pops up on a lot of similar deals. If you want to customize your TV options, Verizon offers two budget options in addition to its prime/extreme/ultimate packages if you’d like to save money — as well as a couple FiOS Mundo packages for those who prefer Espanol.

This being fiber optic cable, speeds can go far beyond 25 Mbps — if you are willing to pay for it. For $70 a month, you can get (unbundled) as much as 75 Mbps, easily enough for a graphic designer or someone who does a lot of tech work from home. On the business side, Verizon offers speeds as high as 500 Mbps for $300 per month, just in case you’re shopping for a business deal. These speeds just can’t be matched by other services without the same infrastructure.

Verizon actually has a stated goal to wire all of New York City for FiOS services. Although it missed the mid-2014 deadline for completing this goal, work is progressing and no matter where you live in NYC, it may only be a matter of time until you get access.

Time Warner Cable in New York City

With the caveat that Time Warner Cable services may well become Comcast services as the mergers between the companies progresses, let’s take a look at the current Time Warner Cable offerings in NYC. Right off the bat, these are not upgraded services like FiOS and its fiber optic lines, so you can expect slower Internet speeds…but also lower prices. If you are comparing Optimum vs. Time Warner Cable vs. Verizon FiOS for lowest priced packages and simplest services, this is a good place to start.

How low do the prices go? Standard Internet costs around $35 per month, with the highest level, around 30 Mbps, costing around $55 (a low-cost option is available for $15 for those who don’t surf the Web very much). The company offers its three-service bundle for $80 with a one-year contract and up to 70 cable channels. Prices start at $30 per month if you only want Cable TV, but you can get TV and Internet with over 200 channels for $80, which pretty close to the Verizon FiOS bundle, but without the extra speed.

You can explore what TV packages work best for you in the NYC area (and keep a close eye open for stations you are particularly interested in, like NY1 and other local sites), but there aren’t quite as many customization options as Verizon offers. In addition to the low cost starter option, there are also standard and preferred TV packages, each with more options than the other. However, Time Warner does get a short out for including a couple Spanish packages for those interested in the Spanish language versions of its popular channels, and with more difference between them than FiOS Mundo.

Cablevision Optimum in New York City

Cablevision Optimum is a service somewhat like FiOS that focuses on offering higher Internet speeds and more options to certain customers — including those that living in the NYC area. The customization extends to Internet packages, which allow you to choose between standard Internet, Ultra 50 (around 50 Mbps) and Ultra 101—around 10 Mbps…and probably best suited for a small business instead of a residential home. Optimum will also net you unlimited calling, on par with the other two services.

Check your lineups to see what channels are available in your NYC region. You are likely to find plenty of options and long channel lists for its packages, because Optimum spends a lot of time talking about its cable packages, available in Gold, Silver, Preferred, etc. Like Verizon FiOS, Optimum also offers apps to watch channels through mobile devices, but it claims that it offers a broader number of available channels compared to Verizon. And as a bonus to those who prefer non-English channel, Optimum comes with an International option to include channels all over the world, from China to Israel to Poland and back.

The triple bundle package from Optimum costs $80, and comes with typical Internet speeds, more than 245 channels, and six months of Ultra 50 speeds. There are not many solo options with Optimum, such bundling is your best shot with these services. For a less expensive option, consider the Internet and Phone package for $50 per month.

Note: Phone services are relatively the same between packages, and consumers often make choices based on Internet and TV instead. However, it is worth mentioning that Optimum works to make its phone services particularly flexible when it comes to managing calls and data. It may not have the quality of Verizon’s digital phone tech, but if landlines are important to you, take a look at what Cablevision offers.

So Which One is the Best: Optimum vs Time Warner Cable vs Verizon FiOS?

In the Optimum vs. Time Warner Cable vs. Verizon FiOS battle in New York City, each has its own advantages.

Verizon wins for Internet speed and reliability through its FiOS network, which is most useful if you streaming a lot of video and play a lot of online games — or want to run your own server system. FiOS also has a lot of mobile connection options, which is nice for NYC’s on-the-move lifestyle.

Time Warner Cable has the advantage when it comes to low-cost packages, so if your Internet needs are few or you’re shopping for an elderly relative, you may want to start with them. But be careful, those prices can rise quickly with more complex packages.

Optimum, on the other hand, triumphs in the Cable TV sector. Its customization options are difficult to beat, so if you love your cable, like watching it from everywhere and have a habit of recording shows at once, this is a good option. Just remember to carefully review the cable lineup that you get to see what channels are included in your particular package. Use our deal finder below to see which services and prices for Cable TV services are in your area. Choose based on what’s important to you!

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