Oomi Smart Home Lets You Simplify Your Life


Oomi Smart Home has a promise to make to you. This promise is that the Oomi system will simplify your life and make things more enjoyable for you and your family. Every home automation system that I’ve looked at has promised to make our lives simpler and more enjoyable. Most offer simple ways to group the control of certain household systems into a single control mechanism or interface. Oomi does all this while keeping the installation and configuration of the system easy enough that even the not-so-tech-savvy can get their system up and running quickly and easily.

Oomi Smart Home Puts Control of Home Life at Your Fingertips

Oomi groups the major components of your life at home into four major groups: home security, entertainment, ambiance, and comfort. Throughout their Indiegogo page and their website, they extoll the ease of getting the system up and running. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless protocols used by most other system require a bit of finesse to get things up and running.

Oomi promises you that you can get your system up and running within five minutes from breaking open the box. Watching their video, I have to agree. Except for the main Oomi Cube, you don’t have to plug anything in to power to configure it. Simply power up the Oomi Touch control pad and plug in the Cube and tap the two devices together. All Oomi devices have a small orange dot. This is an NFC-Near Field Communications- transceiver/antenna. Simply place the two orange dots in close proximity to each other and the device and Oomi Touch control pad self-configure, bringing up the widgets for the device in question-Oomi Smart Outlet, Cube, Light, etc.

Looking at It, Oomi Looks Fun

Oomi looks fun. That’s something that none of the other home automation systems I’ve look at can say. None of them are fun; fun to set up, fun to configure, fun to get talking to each other. Nope. Not a one can make that claim. Even better, Oomi just looks fun. Oomi also has a “fun center” that none of the others I’ve seen has: Oomi Stream plugs in to your TV and streams content from the Internet to your TV. Let’s take a look at the basic components that come with each of the system options.

Everything Revolves Around the Oomi Cube

The Oomi Cube is the major portion of the brains of the Oomi Smart Home System. Other systems would call it a hub, except the hubs in those other systems are typically nothing more than a communications central hub for those systems and not much else. With Oomi, the Cube has functionality built in. In fact, the Oomi Cube has the following eight sensors built in on top of the high quality low light camera:

  • Motion detection: Lets you know when people are up and about
  • Light detection: Oomi’s light sensor lets it turn lights on and off without your help
  • Temperature sensor: Oomi can control your environment for you.
  • Humidity sensor: Some people are sensitive to highs and lows of humidity.
  • Glass breakage sensor: Oomi lets you know when windows are broken, not just opened.
  • Vibration sensor: Vibration sensing tells Oomi someone is trying to get in the wrong way.
  • Noise sensing: Hear them before you see them.

Taking a Look at Some of the Other Oomi System Devices

In one of the videos showing how cool the Oomi Smart Home System is, they show the Oomi Bulb. It looks like the Philips Hue or other LED bulbs, except for that little orange dot. Pair them up, screw the bulb in, enjoy fine control over the amount of light given off by the bulb, as well as the color of the light given off. Want a softer light? Simply bring up the bulb widget on the controller and scroll the color wheel through the available spectrum to get the perfect temperature and brilliance of light to suit your mood.

There’s also the Oomi Plug. Pair it and plug it in. Once that’s done, you can control anything connected to that plug. Plug also has a USB port on the side so you can charge your portable devices without taking up an outlet. Next is Oomi MultiSensor. As the name implies, this is a device that contains numerous sensors for UV light, vibration, temperature, humidity, and more.

Oomi Door/Window is a door/window tag that alerts you when the door or window being monitored is opened. Another cool trick is to place a tag on your pantry or basement door and set the system up so the lights come on when the door is opened. There’s also an air quality sensor that detects harmful particulates in the air. All these sensors activate and pair with a simple tap. Nothing more.

Tell me, is Oomi Smart Home sounding like something you’d be interested in installing in your home? Does it sound like something that can make your daily life more enjoyable and simplified? Let me know in the comments below.