Olive Helps You Manage Stress Easily


You can manage stress in many ways. I have numerous ways of managing it and which method I choose at the moment will depend on what caused the stress. When I’m stressing, I may take a walk, read a book, listen to a different kind of music, or watch a movie. Unfortunately, as my belt will tell you, I also sometimes eat. This little wearable looks like it will give me a healthier way to manage the stress I undergo.

A Word About Trying to Manage Stress

Stress is a silent killer. It can lead to depression and, in extreme cases, cause heart attacks and arrhythmia. If you don’t manage stress, it can ruin your life, appetite, and relationships. Stress causes minor and major changes in our body that sensors can pick up on. These changes include change sin heart rate, skin reactions (Galvanic skin-response conductivity), and skin temperature.

Stress can be caused by many things. A deadline at work. A sick child. Unemployment. Traffic. The list is almost endless as to what can cause stress. There are as many ways to manage it as there are causes.

Ways to Manage Stress Safely

It’s basically impossible to avoid stress completely, but it can be managed. I have a folder in my media player that I call my “Happy Music.” I rarely use it for anything but de-stressing, chilling out. I may bring up that playlist and go for a walk or a bike ride. If it’s raining, I may wrap my media player in a plastic bag and go dance in the rain listening to my Happy Music.

Unfortunately, there are also times when I eat to manage my stress, although I know that respite is only temporary and will actually cause more stress since I’m trying to lose weight. The best way to manage stress, however, is to minimize it.

Olive Lets You Manage Stress by Seeing What Causes It

Olive is a wearable stress manager that constantly monitors your galvanic skin response, body temp, and heart rate to detect when stress begins to build. Here’s the cool part: When Olive notices these stress indicators rising, it checks your calendar and location information on your smartphone to see if it can help determine what stress factors are acting to create stress in your life. If there is nothing on your smartphone to tell Olive what you’re doing, it has a motion sensor to see if you’re physically active. It will also interact with the phone’s clock to track the times during the day when your stress indicators are on the rise and fall.

For example, I love to cook, but I usually have to think for a while about what I want to cook, always keeping in mind the nutritional value and the caloric and fat content of what I’m cooking. This is stressful for me. I want that nice cut of beef, but it has too much fat and cholesterol. How can I prepare that steak to minimize the negative health effects? I don’t usually put down on my calendar that I’m going to cook, but Olive will check my phone’s clock and tell me that my indicators went up significantly between five and six PM.

Recommendations for Reducing Stress

Over time Olive will learn your patterns and what activities and events cause an increase in your stress levels. There’s a photo on their Indiegogo campaign page that gives an example of how Olive does this. There’s a person driving in traffic with the notation that Olive has noted an increase in indicators, has taken note of the time, and then recommended deep breathing as an appropriate exercise to begin lowering stress. It even has an LED and pulsation/vibration that helps you time the breathing exercise to get the most benefit from it.

Olive Also Lets You Tell It When You’re Feeling Stressed

You’re at a party with friends and you’re feeling great. Double tap the bracelet to tell the app that you’re feeling great. You’re sitting in a meeting being grilled by your boss and can feel the ire and stress building. Rub the surface of the bracelet and Olive will launch an exercise designed to minimize that stress.

Olive is currently a fully-funded Indiegogo campaign with an estimated delivery date of late 2015. The campaign price for the bracelet is about $130. There is a “layaway” option that costs about $40 up front and $110 (meaning there is a layaway charge of about $20) prior to shipping.

Does Olive sound like something that can help you to properly manage stress and maybe conquer it? I’d love to hear you thoughts in the comment section below.