Nyrius Smart Outlet Gives You Automated Control of Home Appliances


The Nyrius Smart Outlet lets you wirelessly control home appliances and electronics from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth technology and the Nyrius app work together to help you create an efficient schedule to manage your devices while also saving money by turning off electronics when not being used.

Custom Design Your Own Schedule with Nyrius Smart Outlet

Nyrius lets you create your own unique schedule and set up a custom timer to wirelessly control electronics. With your smartphone or tablet, you can specify the particular days of the week for automated activation. Set designated time frames for the lights to come on and to be turned off. Enjoy fresh coffee each morning when you program the appliance to start brewing.

Nyrius can be used with all types of electrical appliances and devices. Examples as noted on their website include “indoor lighting, space heaters, fans, A/C wall units, irons, home stereo systems, or any device you want to control.” (Nyrius, 2015) If you are using an iOS mobile device, Nyrius will let you manage and control a maximum of 3 Smart Outlets. Devices running on Android systems are capable of managing a maximum of 7 Smart Outlets.

Bluetooth Technology Provides Wireless Control

The Nyrius Smart Outlet uses innovative Bluetooth technology to wirelessly control home appliances and other types of electronic devices. The range of wireless control extends up to 33 ft from the location of the device that has been enabled with the downloaded Nyrius app. The Bluetooth technology can be used on mobile phones as well as tablets.

After you have plugged an electronic device into the Nyrius Smart Outlet it automatically becomes enabled to be remotely controlled using Bluetooth technology. You can use Nyrius to remotely manage and control your home appliances and devices by wirelessly turning them on and off. Bluetooth can help make your home smarter and save on energy costs by only using electronics when you are home or when using them with timers.

Create a Smart Home with Nyrius Near-Field Proximity Control

In addition to the wireless control that Nyrius provides, the outlet is also capable of detecting your presence when you are in a room. Smart Switch technology relies upon near-field proximity control to sense when you are within 33 ft. of Nyrius based on line of sight. The device will use Smart Switch technology to turn off any electronics or home appliances that you may have forgotten to turn off before you leave your home to go out.

This can be a safety feature particularly when using appliances such as space heaters or an iron that heat up and get hot and can cause a fire if not turned off. Nyrius can also use the Smart Switch technology to automatically turn off fans or air conditioners when a room is not being used. This can provide you with substantial savings in utility costs when it comes to your energy bill.

Nyrius App is Compatible with Apple iOS and Android Devices

The free Nyrius app, which can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, can be used on mobile devices running iOS as well as Android systems. Compatibility with Apple products includes iOS (version 6.4 and higher), iPhone (version 4 and higher), iPod Touch (version 5 and higher), and iPad Mini (version 2 and higher).

The Nyrius Smart Outlet can also be used with Android-based systems. Compatibility extends to mobile devices that are using an Android system version 3.2 and higher. You can use Nyrius with several brand products including Samsung, Nexus and HTC. Once you plug the Nyrius device into a standard electrical outlet and get the free app online, you will be all set to start enjoying the Smart Outlet and all its great features.

Nyrius Customer Support Services

When you purchase Nyrius, your package will include the Smart Outlet and a quick start guide. Nyrius provides customers with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime customer support. The Nyrius company website offers customers access to additional support services that includes easily downloadable product manuals as well as a guide that helps provide guidance and tips for troubleshooting the product along with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.