Straight Talk Wireless No Contract Phone Service

Straight Talk Wireless - No Contract Phone

Are you looking for an affordable Mobile Phone service that offers great coverage with no binding contracts? Do you want a Home Phone plan that is not outrageously expensive and has no strings attached? Then check out the great no contract phone plans offered by Straight Talk Wireless.

“On The Go” Mobile Phone Service

Straight Talk Wireless offers consumers a great variety of no contract phone service options that will appeal to those that have active, mobile lifestyles. You can keep your current phone number or let Straight Talk Wireless assign you a totally new one. There is nothing to sign and no monthly bills to worry about.

Features that are free of charge include voicemail, text messaging, caller ID and call waiting. Bluetooth technology is also available with a compatible phone. Depending on the Straight Talk Wireless phone model that your choose, you can download your all favorites from the Web such as music, online games, the daily news, weather forecasts, and more.

Service plan options let you select a new Mobile Phone when you sign up, or, you can choose to keep the cell phone you already have through the Straight Talk Wireless bring-your-own-phone plan. The service plans are designed in such a way that you prepay for your desired amount of minutes to be used. Examples include the 30-day, 90-day, 180-day and 365-day prepaid plans. Customers will appreciate the option to sign up for Straight Talk’s auto-refill, which will continually update and reload your account with new minutes.

Nationwide coverage is included in all plans, and there is also an international calling plan available as well. You will be able to make nationwide calls on an unlimited basis, unless you choose the 30-day All You Need plan. The least expensive All You Need 30-day plan has a limit of 1,000 nationwide minutes, 30 MB for Web access and lets you send both text messages and images.

Straight Talk For Your Home Phone Service

Are you tired of paying huge phone bills each month and are you looking for a less expensive alternative? The Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone 30-day service options include the unlimited nationwide calling plan and the unlimited combined service for both international and nationwide calls. The prices are hard to beat when you consider just how much a regular phone bill can cost each month. Most importantly, as with all the Straight Talk Wireless plans, there are no contracts to sign!

No Contract Phone

The Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone plans will work with regular corded telephones, as well as the cordless models. Features include voicemail, call waiting and caller ID. When you choose the Home Phone plan, you will receive the Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone device. The Home Phone device is a sleek, shiny black unit is similar in shape to a modem and it is small, compact and easy to work with.

Included in the Home Phone setup package is an antenna, an activation card, a guide to services, an AC adapter and a battery that is rechargeable. Once you receive your package, setting up your service is simple and quick. Take your corded or cordless phones and plug them into the Straight Talk Wireless Home Device.

Next, you just need to activate the service by either contacting Straight Talk directly or by completing the activation online at their website. You have the option of refilling your account and adding more minutes through Straight Talk’s toll-free number or paying for the minutes by navigating to their website. Straight Talk Wireless offers new customers a guided video and a visual step-by-step guide to help in the initial setup of their new service.

Straight Talk Wireless Offers Support and Guidance

New customers will appreciate the support and the guidance provided by the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offered by Straight Talk Wireless and their No Contract Phone service plans. There is a separate FAQ support page link for both Mobile Phone users, and also Home Phone users.

Detailed information covers topic areas that include questions about products and services, initial activation and setup, exchange and refund policies, and most importantly, troubleshooting problems. Mobile Phone users can check for coverage in their area and download phone manuals.

Customers that still may have unanswered questions have the option of contacting Straight Talk Wireless directly using their toll-free number or by sending an email message to customer service. Be sure to check for availability of coverage and services within your area by entering your street address on Digital Landing.

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