Nike Fuel Band Increases Daily Activity

Nike Fuel Band

Nike Fuel Band is an interactive, connected bracelet that is worn on the wrist and allows users to track their activity throughout the day. Biometric data from sensors in the band is collected and transmitted to the Nike+ online community and can be accessed via web and/or mobile devices.

This accessory allows the wearer to track their data in a wide variety of ways, such as counting the miles that they have run, the steps they have taken, or even the calories they’ve burned throughout their day. Information is saved in the user’s Nike+ profile and information that breaks down a user’s total activity by day, month and even year are visually displayed in graphs in the activity section of the user’s profile.

How the Nike Fuel Band Increases the Activity Levels

In addition to tracking physical activity, users are able to create individual fitness goals and save them to their online profile, monitor their progress and even see how their fitness levels and activities stack up with friends and other users in the Nike+ online community.

Upon logging on to their profile each individual user can visually see how close they are to meeting their fitness and activity goals, and even receive encouragement and ideas for other physical activities to help each user to become and remain more active on a daily basis.

Nike has also used the Nike Fuel Band to add a competitive element to fitness tracking to help encourage users to increase their activity levels. The user’s entire tracked physical activity data is converted into Nikefuel points.

Nikefuel points allow users to more easily compare their activity levels with others, regardless of their personal fitness level or particular activity. By giving users an easier way to compare their activity for each day or week, users are able to set daily and weekly Nikefuel points goals and spur one another on to do more.

Nike also offers various achievements that are based on the number of Nikefuel points that are earned. These achievements include online trophies and badges, which can be unlocked and added to the users profile in the Nike+ Communities. This helps users to more easily share their success and encourage one another in the Nike+ community as well as share their achievements across social media, such as a Facebook and Twitter.

It is believed that by adding an element of competition to the tracking of individual physical activities and fitness, users are more motivated to increase their activity level to better compete with their friends and others in the community.

How the Band Works with Other Nike Tracking Accessories

The Nike Fuel Band is just one of many accessories from Nike that can be used to track physical activity and fitness. The Nike+ Sportswatch, Nike+ Running App and Nike+ Basketball are all forms of wearable or mobile fitness tracking technology that allow a user’s physical activities to be tracked. The data from these other technologies can be combined with, or used apart from, the Nike fuel band.

The Nike+ Sportswatch is helpful to runners and others who wish to instantly time their efforts while they track their activities. This watch allows the user to compute splits, set reminders to run, track their location, pace, laps, distance covered, and the calories that they have burned. When paired with the Nike Polar Wearlink +, the user can also track their heart rate. Paired with the Nike+ Top Route, users can find the best places to run, whether they are just running for fun or are searching for a competitive race.

The Nike+ Running App turns the user’s compatible smartphone into a GPS that tracks their run data and gives them audio encouragement along the way. The app converts miles run into Nikefuel, and helps runners set goals and compete against their runs from an earlier day or week. Runners can also view their running route and share their runs with their buddies online.

Sensors in the soles of shoes such as the Nike+ Hyperdunk in the Nike+ Basketball program track each individual user’s game statistics, while also offering feedback and coaching to improve each user’s game while they are still playing. The data and suggestions for improvement are transmitted to each user’s smartphone, in addition to being converted into Nikefuel.

These forms of wearable fitness tracking technology join a host of other fitness tracking apps that individuals are using to get and stay in shape and connect with others who wish to use fitness to improve their health and overall quality of life. By helping individuals to become and remain more active throughout the day, the Nike Fuel Band and these types of fitness accessories are making it easier for individuals to get in shape and stay that way.

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