NFL Signs Deal With Time Warner Cable, Bright House

NFL Time Warner Cable - Bright House Networks

Life just got a whole lot better for NFL fans with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Last week, the NFL reached an agreement with both Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks to carry the NFL Network and the NFL RedZone channel. This is a landmark event for football fans that live in many major markets, including those that live in cities that host an NFL team, like Buffalo, Carolina, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Kansas City, New York, San Diego and Tampa Bay.

Those channels debuted on Sunday, Sept. 23, which was in Week 3 of the NFL season.

Time Warner Cable is the second-largest Cable TV provider in the country, mostly servicing New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, parts of the Midwest (including Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Ohio), and areas in North Carolina, Texas and Pennsylvania.

Bright House Networks happens to be the sixth-largest Cable TV service provider in America, servicing Indianapolis, Central Florida, west suburban Detroit, and Bakersfield, Calif.

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What Does This Mean For Football Fans?

The NFL Network is a 24-hour sports network that revolves around professional American football, with over 2,500 hours each year of original programming. It’s the home of every NFL preseason game, and “Thursday Night Football,” which kicks off the first game of nearly every week of the NFL regular season. Award-winning shows like Sunday NFL GameDay, NFL Total Access, and many other NFL Films shows are part of the NFL Network’s regular programming.

The NFL RedZone Channel is produced by the NFL Network, and it provides coverage of every NFL game on Sunday afternoons. Whenever an offense gets into scoring position, which is termed the “red zone,” this channel swings it’s coverage to that game. In many cases, two games could have offenses getting ready to score, which the channel covers by using a split-screen. There are times when three or even four games are covered at the same time, which becomes a Twitter trend as followers tweet out pictures of the four-game split-screen on their TV, with #quadboxsighting to @NFLRedZone, with hopes of being chosen for some sweet NFL merchandise.

Without question, football fans with Time Warner Cable or Bright House Networks as their Cable TV service provider are enjoying their Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons much more than they were just a couple weeks ago! Check here to see if you are getting the best prices and deals on Cable TV in your area.