Automate Your Home with Nexia from Schlage

Nexia Schlage Starterkit

The Nexia home automation and security product line from Schlage gives you control over an expanding range of components, allowing you to monitor and control a number of systems and devices in your home. The product line allows you to monitor if and when family members enter and leave the house, as well as controlling your house’s lighting and climate systems.

Monitor Home Entry with Schlage

Take your kids’ house keys away, install the Schlage door lock components and give your kids unique codes to enter into the keypads. The networked lock components will send an alert to your phone every time one of the codes is entered, notifying you if the door is being opened or locked, and who it is going through the door.

This system also allows you to open the door for guests when you’re running late, as well as allow access to service people without you having to physically be there to open the door for them. Give the babysitter a code of her own, and the system will alert you when she opens the door for her boyfriend. Give the cleaning lady her own code and nobody has to be home to let her in. The system is also able to connect to a system of video cameras, giving you a visual of the situation at home.

Since you can also use the apps to control every aspect of your automated home, you can give people one-time access. Did you forget to ask someone to come over and water your plants or take care of the pets? No problem. Call or email your neighbor and get them to do it. You can grant them access to the house when they’re able to come over and water your plants and feed your pets.

Make Your House Look Occupied

The Nexia system is web-enabled and wireless. This means you can program the control unit to turn lights on and off at preset times while you’re away, to make the house look occupied. Since it also ties into a system of wireless video cameras and sends alerts, you’ll know when someone you don’t know approaches the house and can turn lights on and off, giving the lighting pattern that random effect that makes the house look truly occupied and less enticing to the bad guys.

Keep Your Vacation House from Flooding

Do you have a summer vacation home where the winters aren’t as hospitable as the summers? Do you worry about the pipes bursting during the winter? Install a Nexia system and a compatible Trane thermostat and the system can send you an alert when the temperature reaches a danger zone, allowing you to reset the thermostat to warm the house up and keep the pipes from freezing and bursting. Conversely, if on your way home you remember that you forgot to turn the air conditioner and some lights off, instead of turning around and going back, you can just launch the app and turn them all off from your mobile device.

This feature also allows you to adjust the temperature in your house, ensuring that you come home to a house that is comfortable, both in the winter and the summer. With this amount of control over your house’s climate control system, you’ll always come home to a house that is the perfect temperature, but you won’t have to leave the air conditioner or heater running while you’re away at work (or on vacation), saving you a significant amount of money.

One more way the Nexia system gives you the ability to come home to a comfortable house is its ability to turn lighting and other electronics on and off from the application. Getting home later than usual and you don’t feel comfortable coming home to a completely dark house? Fire up the mobile app and turn a few lights on as you approach the house, making that dark house lighter, safer, and more inviting.

The Nexia Mobile App

Schlage has made it possible to do all of the above and more from your Android or iOS smartphone or computer. I haven’t seen a BlackBerry app yet, but there are rumors that it’s in the making. The mobile app gives you full control over the system, as does the web app that you can access on your PC or Mac. The apps (mobile and web-based) are clean, intuitive, and easy to use. They allow you to control every compatible device in your home, as well as viewing video feeds with just the touch of a button or finger.

I’ve reviewed a few different home automation systems recently, from ZigBee, Z-Wave, and others. However, from what I’ve seen of the Nexia system, I think this one just may have the most helpful control features.