Just $7 Per Month For New Netflix Plan

New Netflix Plan

There’s no doubt that Netflix has become a must-add service to anyone that loves TV entertainment, and their Netflix plans have always been relatively reasonable. But now, a new Netflix plan is being tested that would cost users just $7 per month, with access to SD programming on one device at a time.

If high definition isn’t important to you, like if you mostly watch old movies and TV shows from before 2000, then this plan might be something you’ll want to consider.

But with an $8 monthly fee, users can get HD programming that can be played on two different devices at the same time. So does that $1 really make that much of a difference?

For Netflix, this would be a good way to cut down on the amount of people that share accounts.

Their $11.99 plan allows users to watch simultaneously on four different devices. This means you can watch it on your computer at work, while your wife watches something on the TV at home, and your kids can watch on their tablet and their smartphone – all at the same time.

This is still just a test, which means that the offer is not available to everyone, and it might not be something they offer in the future.