Open Doors Remotely: New iPhone Door Lock App

iPhone Door Lock App

Okidokeys has recently launched a new product that works with an iPhone door lock app and allows users to open their doors remotely. The product works with a user’s existing ANSI I or II single-cylinder deadbolt lock set, and allows users several options to remotely open their doors.

Users can still use their existing keys, as well as schedule times for the lock to open, which is a handy option for users that have housekeepers or babysitters. The lock and app also works with a user’s iPhone, as well as a special wristband or card that can also open the door lock.

How to Install Okidokeys

Okidokeys is easy to install. Users just install the Okidokeys metal plate in place of the thumb turn that is located on the deadbolt on the inside of the door, as well as install the Okidokeys Smart Lock with the two screws which are included. Users then install the color cover, which should snap in place.

How Okidokeys Works

Once the Okidokeys Smart Lock is installed, users can unlock their door with a Bluetooth 4.0 compatible smartphone using the iPhone door lock app. This includes newer Android smartphones that run 4.3 or above as well as the iPhone 4S or above.

Users can also install the optional Okidokeys Smart Reader and be able to open the door with any cellphone or smartphone. They can also use special wristbands, keychains, and RFID cards to open the door. Users can also send virtual smartkeys to others via email or text so that others can use their own phone to unlock the door. The Smart Reader also does not require special wiring and is as easy to install as the Smart Lock, but it does need to be installed within 32 feet of the Smart Lock.

There are 6 basic settings to choose from when setting up the lock, including the ability to set the lock on a timed schedule, or to lock automatically when the door is closed.

There is also not a limit to the number of smartkeys that a user can issue, and users can create up to 10 separate individual accounts. Using the iPhone door lock app and web portal, users can change or cancel the authorization of a smartkey at any time. Users can also access the app and web portal from any smartphone, tablet or computer, which is convenient if a user happens to misplace or lose their smartphone.

Okidokeys can be integrated with compatible home automation systems, and can be combined to open the gate and/or garage door as well.

How to Get Okidokeys

Okidokeys is currently available in three bundles: Smart-Pack, Access-Pack and Connect-Pack. The Smart-Lock and Smart-Reader are both available in Polar White.

Okidokeys Smart-Pack

The Okidokeys Smart-Pack is available for $179. This bundle includes one Smart-Lock and one HomeKeys license and allows users to unlock their door with a smartphone that has enabled Bluetooth 4.0. This bundle provides basic service and allows users to unlock their door when they are nearby and have enabled the hands-free mode.

Users can program the door to unlock at specific times, as well as to lock automatically when the door is shut. Users can also be notified automatically whenever the door is opened.

Okidokeys Access-Pack

The Okidokeys Access-Pack is priced at $229. This bundle includes the Smart-Lock and HomeKeys license, as well as one Smart-Reader, one Smart-Key card, one Smart-Key wristband and one Smart-Key key chain. This bundle allows the user, as well as those authorized by the user, to unlock the door with any cellphone or smartphone. Users can also use the included wristband or key chain to open the door.

It also includes the same features when it comes to programming the lock to open and close, as well as notifications. This bundle also includes a built-in alarm feature to notify the user in the event of a break-in and it features a wireless doorbell.

Okidokeys Connect-Pack

The Okidokeys Connect-Pack is just $269 and contains everything that is included with the two previous bundles, as well as the Smart-Gateway. This bundle offers more management options for the system, and allows users to connect the system to many major home automation systems. They can pair it with the Smart-Gate and Smart-Garage, so that users can unlock their gates and garages as easily as their door.

iPhone Door Lock App Benefits

Okidokeys can help prevent users from being locked out of their home, or having to go through costly repairs and replacement costs if their keys are lost or stolen. The system can help users that may need to let multiple people into their home, such as repairmen, cleaners or babysitters, but can’t be home to open the door or may not want to give other individuals a key to their premises.

It’s also a handy way to be able to monitor when the door is open and is an added protection to be notified of a possible intrusion. The system uses secure technology similar to that used by the banking industry and the military, and relies on Bluetooth and other mobile networks rather than Wi-Fi to work.

For users that may have multiple properties or multiple friends and members of the family that need easy access to a home, being able to remotely open one’s doors is a terrific convenience for a relatively small cost, and easy installation of the Smart-Lock and iPhone door lock app. The fact that it can be paired with other Home Automation systems is also an added plus.

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