4 Tips for Buying a New iPad

Tips For Buying a New iPad

Ready to buy a new iPad? Read this brief guide on the latest tablets from Apple before making your choice. The latest product lines from Apple, like the iPad Air, showcase the best specifications that iPads have seen yet, as long as you can handle the price.

What’s the iPad Air?

For the 2013 holiday season, Apple released a new iPad model called iPad Air. This latest line of iPads updated the tablet computer with a bunch of new design features and a few new functions, too. If you want the latest and greatest, then an iPad Air is the device worth considering.

What makes this latest model different from the iPad lines before it? Well, Apple loves making its devices smaller and lighter, and the Air is far from an exception. While it has the same 9.7-inch screen that all iPads have had since the first generation, it only weighs one pound and is only 7.5mm thick, notably smaller than the last entry, the iPad 2. The general structure was also changed a bit, with tapered edges.

On the inside, the software depends on an A7 processor that professes to be around 8 times faster than the first iPad (at least on paper), with better graphics processing and an extra M7 motion co-processor. Battery power is at 10 hours, and like all iPads you get a choice between WiFi and Wi-Fi plus cellular data models.

Enough about the specs — now for the price: The iPad Air is available for $499 for the basic WiFi version and $629 for adding cellular data at the lowest 16GB level, with steady price increases for the larger hard drives. You can choose between black, white, silver and gray colors.

What About an iPad Mini?

If you want a new iPad, but are more interested in something smaller, you should consider the iPad mini instead. This version has a 7.9-inch display and is small enough to hold in one hand — barely. The device has an A7 processor of its own, and in general it acts a whole lot like the bigger, traditional iPad, only with a screen that says “really big smartphone.” Prices are about $100 lower than the iPad Air. The 16GB version costs $399 with just WiFi, but it’s $529 with cell data added.

If you find the choice between an iPad and an iPad Mini a difficult choice to make, then consider how you prefer to use tablet computers. If you are already used to an older tablet or iPad model, then the Air may prove more your style. On the other hand, if you are more comfortable with e-readers and smartphones, than the Mini may be the place to start.

Are There Any Older iPads I Can Buy?

Yes. If you still want a new iPad, but find the prices on current models too intense, consider buying the iPad 2, which starts at $399 with the 16GB, WiFi-only option. This is the same price as the iPad Mini, so you are essentially getting more screen for the same price. In return, you give up some of the extra features, like processing speed and image quality that the newest versions have. Either way, you will not be able to find a new model below $399.

Tips to Consider When Buying a New iPad

Don’t Look for Discounts: Apple is notorious for not offering any discounts or promotions, so don’t try waiting for that magical day when you can afford an iPad at a lower price. Either choose to buy now, or wait for the next generation to emerge and make your decision then. But avoid wasting time looking for promo codes or special store discounts, and mistrust the used iPads offerings you find in the seedier corners of the Internet.

Buy From the Online Store: Apple products often have supply problems, especially for its newest and most popular items. One of the best ways to avoid shortages is to order directly from the Apple store online. This allows you to choose all the customization options that you want and pay immediately. Extra shipping prices are rare, and delivery times tend to be quick.

Think About Accessories: Remember, the iPad does not come with a keyboard, stand or cover. It is a good idea to buy accessories at the same time, if you need any extra features.

Remember the Apps: Set aside some money for any apps that you need to pay for. While many entertainment and social media apps are free, you will have to dish out cash for any tablet versions of games, document creators, and productivity software.

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