New CW TV Network Shows This Fall

The Originals - CW TV Network Shows

At the “Up Fronts” in May, the CW, best known for its programming for the under-30 set, announced three new series that will be slotted into the Fall Schedule and two to begin midseason.

Currently, you are able to watch shows on the CW Network online, and it’s presumed their new shows will be available to watch there as well.

This particular network has never been very innovative in devising its lineup, apparently gathering most of their story ideas from social media’s “trending now” feeds. The only premise that seems to be missing from the five new CW TV network shows is zombies — although, with the success of Warm Bodies, an episodic romance involving a girl who falls in love with a zombie, one is probably already in the works.

CW TV Network Shows

Instead, the CW is introducing a spinoff series, The Originals, thanks to a backdoor pilot from CW flagship series The Vampire Diaries. The show revolves around the Mikaelson family, who are said to be part of an elite group of the world’s original race of vampires, but who have been estranged for centuries over various and sundry power struggles.

CW TV NetworkKlaus, who is a “hybrid” of werewolf and vampire returns to New Orleans, where his family came from, after hearing that there is a conspiracy against him. From the trailer, the show appears to incorporate all the requisite elements of the modern vampire mythology. So if you’re a fan of any of the recent series involving vampires and witches and werewolves (oh my!), particularly The Vampire Diaries, you will most likely have no trouble getting right into The Originals.

Less original is The Tomorrow People, which borrows heavily from Heroes and The X Men, as well as several other recent “you mean I have superpowers?” type stories. The CW’s big selling point for the show seems to be that it stars Robbie Amell, who closely resembles his cousin Stephen Amell and will therefore get Stephen’s superhero show Arrow as the lead-in to the CW’s all-Amell secret superpower programming block. The Tomorrow People will likely appeal to those who would have liked more Jumper or Wanted. It also stars Mark Peligrino from Lost and has some pretty nifty looking visuals.

Departing from the supernatural realm, Reign is a loose historical look at the life of Mary Stuart (aka “Mary, Queen of Scots”) as she rises to her full power. An alliance between Scotland and France has been arranged by marrying her off to childhood friend Prince Francis, but neither is completely willing to fulfill their contract. Gorgeous costumes and gorgeous players will appeal to fans of episodic drama, especially those who enjoyed The Tudors, The Borgias or even Game of Thrones. A grown-up Megan Follows plays Francis’s mother, Queen Catherine.

The 100 -- CW TV Network ShowsThe 100 may be the best concept of the new CW TV network shows, but it’s only on the midseason docket. The show is part Lost, part Lord of the Flies, and part Battlestar Gallactica. In a post-apocalyptic world, the only human survivors have been living aboard 12 space stations, known collectively as Ark, that have been orbiting an irradiated Earth for the last 100 years. For some reason that was not explained in the trailer, scores of the population’s youth have been imprisoned “for challenging authority” in some way, including the daughter of the ship’s medical officer. These eponymous 100 are relegated to the status of canaries in a coal mine and sent back to Earth to determine whether or not the planet has become re-habitable. Of course, putting aside all the scientific suspensions of belief, this is the show that seems to have the most potential in terms of longevity and variety of plot threads.

Finally, the CW offers up another series for midseason from the “sexy sci-fi” genre, this time revolving around the forbidden love between human high school girl, Emery, and her extra-terrestrial boyfriend, Roman. Star-Crossed is sort of a West Side Story meets District 9, where a race called the Atrians, who crashed down to Earth a decade ago, have since been forced to live in a well-guarded internment camp, called the Sector, and treated like dirt. The humans decide to experiment with integration by allowing the teenagers from the Sector to go to class at the local high school. There, Roman and Emery remember having met as children on what Roman calls “arrival day.” Their fond memories of one another soon evolve into an illicit romance. Naturally, Roman becomes a punching bag for both the human jocks (“Stay away from our women!”) and his fellow Atrian ones. (“You traitor!”) It’s hard to tell from the trailer how much of this story is covered in the first episode, but if the series opener gets through all of those plotpoints, there doesn’t seem much tale left for the rest of the series to tell.

What new CW TV network shows are you looking forward to? You can see the previews for them, as well as for current series, here.