New Bracelet From Intel Connects Users to Google Alerts, Facebook


Using an AT&T data plan, Intel and Opening Ceremony have come up with a smart bracelet that will connect users with Facebook, Google and Yelp. The device is called, “My Intelligent Communication Accessory” or “Mica,” and it’s expected to cost close to $495.

The fashionable bracelets target women, as these two companies attempt to stand out in the smart wearables industry.

The devices come in different looks, and they include obsidian, 18k gold coating, and lapis stones. On the inside of the wrist, users can read text messages and events like Google Alerts, Facebook updates and Yelp recommendations on a sapphire curved screen.

The $495 price tag includes a two-year data plan from AT&T, so it’s not necessary to have your smartphone with you, like most smart watches require.