New Android Watches Now Available


New Android watches are introduced on a regular basis. Manufacturers include big name brands like Samsung, companies just making their mark in the industry like Pebble, and companies that are starting to gain serious traction in the industry like Huawei. Huawei is a company that been keeping my eyes on over the past 18 months or so. They’re a company that many in the US have heard much, if anything about. I have a feeling that’s going to change in the next year or so. They’ve got a few pretty cool smartphones that seem to be doing well and they’ve just introduced the Huawei Crystal smartwatch.

A Little Background on Huawei the Company

Huawei is a company based in Hong Kong that has until very recently specialized in large scale technology for corporate users. A few years ago they got into the mobile phone market making fairly high quality phones that resembled devices from major manufacturers. Within the past six months they’ve gotten into the wearable market with their first product being a wristband that let you interact with your phone. They’ve recently announced the soon to be available Crystal smartwatch.

Huawei Crystal First of the Android Watches to Use Sapphire Crystal Display

Huawei has jumped into the Android watches market with both feet and they didn’t even touch a toe to the water to check the temperature. They didn’t come out with an “also-ran” watch to go up against the Gear Watch from Samsung and the uber-classy Kairos Smartwatch. They’ve simply come out with the first Android Wear watch to make use of the scratch-proof Sapphire Crystal Display.

They’ve also come out with a watch that is one of the classiest in appearance that I’ve seen. This isn’t simply a cheap Casio look alike with “smart” capabilities added. This is a watch that will be right at home at the office, on a date, or in the boardroom. The case is stainless steel and you’ve got your choice of leather or stainless mesh bands. Huawei says they will release the watch for general sale this summer but haven’t announced pricing yet. If they price this watch the way they do their phones, look for it to be about half of what most others cost.

Getting Technical with the Specifications of the Huawei Crystal Android Watches

Not only is the Crystal Watch from Huawei one of the best-looking I’ve seen, it’s also got some pretty impressive specifications. The display is a classical circular watch with a 1.4 inch display diameter. The display has a resolution of 400 by 400 and a pixel density of 286 pixels per inch it an extra crisp display quality.

The watch is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, just like many cellphones and tablets. In other words, the watch has the processing power of most high-end cellphones and tablets. It’s got 25MB of RAM for running apps and four gigs of internal storage for apps, music, and images. The back of the watch is equipped with a heart rate sensor that can store pulse data all day before having to upload to a mobile device.

Android Wear Integrates More Fully with Your Phone

This isn’t a strictly Android device; it’s Android Wear. This means that you can display Google Now cards as well as notifications from you smartphone on the watch. Text messages, emails, and calls all display on and be interacted with on the watch.

More Than 40 Watch Faces to Use

Every smartwatch out there gives you the ability to do a little customizing of the watch face. Huawei goes further than the others that I’ve seen by giving you 40 different customizable watch faces to choose from. For example, you can choose a more classical design for your watch face and customize it with lunar and tidal or weather information.

The Full Realm of Health Tracking on Your Wrist

Tracking health functions is a huge trend in wearables technology these days. Huawei’s Crystal watch is no exception. The watch has an accelerometer built in that lets the watch determine when the user is out for a walk and tracks steps, distance, temperature, calories burned, and distance walked. Cyclists will like the speed and cadence functions.

Hey, Huawei Doesn’t Have the Only New Android Watches

The Huawei Crystal Watch is an excellent timepiece and a great smartwatch. However, some of us want a few more styling choices. The people behind the Android Wear site have heard and have compiled literally hundreds of different design options to choose from. Analog faces with hi-tech or classic traditional designs. Multi-face designs with sweep calendars and second hands. Multi-color digital faces. Their page actually says the have more than 1000 face designs to choose from.

There’s also a plethora of bands to choose from. There are several vendors whose bands are shown on the page. However, the band attachment is a standard 22 mm, so in the earth-shattering chance that you somehow don’t find one that suits your taste, you can go to any watch maker and buy one that does.

Android Wear Works Hands-Free

You’re walking up to the door with your hands full; you can’t grab your keys or phone to call someone. What do you do? Well, if you’ve got one of these Android Wear smartwatches, simply talk to the hand (well, the wrist). “Ok, Google. Text Sally….I need the front door open honey.” Play music offline, get GPS support, reminder, track flights and traffic, and much more using your Android Wear smartwatch.

Vendors listed on the site are LG with their LG G Watch R, the LG G Watch, and the LG Urbane, Samsung with the Samsung Gear Live, Motorola with the Moto 360, and the Asus ZenWatch.