Névo’s New Smart Watches Have a Traditional Look


These new smart watches don’t look like most smart watches. Most smart watches look like smart watches. That’s fine some of the time, or even most of the time. I’m not what anyone would consider fashion conscious, but even I have two watches for different occasions. One is a digital with Swiss Army Knife functionality (it has two different kinds of compasses!). The other is a “dressier” combination analog and digital with basic functions but nicer looks. This new watch from Névo combines smart watch functionality with traditional styling.

New Smart Watches With Analog Faces and Leather Straps

I was around when the first digital watches hit the world stage. With a few exceptions, they were and still are, reserved for daily use like going to work, the movies, out with friends, etc. If you were going to a nice restaurant or a formal affair like a wedding, you wore your “nice” watch, an analog watch with a leather strap.

The problem with this is that even at a formal affair, you might want or need access to some of the features of a digital watch. This is even more so in our connected world. It’s easier to be unobtrusive looking at your watch than it is to look at your phone. The crop of new smart watches we have available today would look out of place with formal attire, though. Enter the Névo smart watch — classic analog good looks with a fine leather strap hiding 21st century smart watch technology.

The Névo Smart Watch Delivers Old World Craftsmanship with New World Technology

When you want a watch with unrivaled accuracy, you look for watches with Swiss mechanisms. The Swiss have been known for making the most accurate timepieces since the days of the first watches and clocks. The Névo Smart Watch uses Swiss clockwork mechanisms to give you a timepiece with excellent accuracy.

Too many of the entries into this market segment try to do too much. Watches are small and putting too much functionality into them makes them unwieldy and ugly. This watch only does a few things and it does them well. Besides keeping time, there is a unique activity tracker and LED indicators for phone notifications. You can’t make or take calls from it, nor can you send or receive messages from it. It is described by Névo as “French minimalism” and I tend to agree. I also think it’s elegant.

These New Smart Watches Have a Cool Activity Tracker

Activity trackers on smart watches and phones give you too much information right away while you’re exercising, in my opinion. While I’m walking, riding my bike, or swimming laps, all I really need to know is how much longer the torture, uh, exercise will continue. All the number crunching is for while I’m relaxing afterwards.

The Névo fitness tracker app (currently only for Android 4.3 and above and iOS7 and up) is where all the bells and whistles are. You can use it to set fitness goals. These goals can be calories burned, time spent, or distance. Tracking your progress is as simple as pushing the button. LEDs behind the time indicators light up, starting at the three o’clock position. When the LED at the six o’clock position is lit, you are 25 percent of the way to your goal. When the LED behind the twelve o’clock position lights up, you’re 75 percent there, and so on.

Phone Notifications

These new smart watches from Névo have Bluetooth connectivity with your phone. However, when you’re sitting in a meeting, you don’t want your phone or watch making a huge racket when your wife messages you asking to get milk on the way home. The new watch vibrates to alert you to calls and messages. You can also have the watch light up LEDs in six different colors so you can see at a glance whether you’ve received a message or a call. You can also configure it so certain colors indicate calls and messages from certain contacts.

Two Awesome Power Options

Most smart watches require you to remember to charge them every day or so. These don’t. For about $200, you get the battery-powered Névo smart watch. This version has two watch batteries, one for the watch functions and the second for the smart functions. The watch battery lasts about five years while the smart watch battery is projected to last for six months with normal use. Both batteries are easy to change.

However, for about 50 bucks more, you can get yours solar powered! Yes, I said solar powered. As in it never needs batteries. It just needs light, preferably sunlight. If you keep your watch for two years before upgrading, the solar upgrade will pay for itself in the cost of replacement batteries.

The Névo Smart Watch is a fully funded Indiegogo campaign now in the “extra Perks” stage of the campaign. They’ve more than quadrupled their funding goals, so as a way of saying thank you, they’re offering a free matching leather wallet with every purchase. Another Perk recently “unlocked” is a tool that makes changing the batteries even easier. The leather straps are available in coffee, blueberry, and truffle colors. Check it out and see what you think. Then let me know down below.