Netflix Tips to Make Your Streaming Experience Better

Netflix Tips and Tricks

The Netflix tips that I’m about to share are absolutely guaranteed to make your Netflix streaming experience more enjoyable. I gathered a number of tips and tricks that myself and several of my colleagues have picked up that we think can definitely make your streaming experience more enjoyable.

These tips range from how to optimize your network connection to ensure that your video experience isn’t jerky, to how to watch Netflix on your TV, and what are some of the most popular shows they currently have available.

Use the Right Application for Your Platform

The best Netflix tips tell you that you need to use to right software for the platform or device that you’re streaming with. This means if you’re using your Android or iOS device, you don’t necessarily want to use the web browser that comes with Android or iOS. You want to use the app. Conversely, if you’re on your computer, you will want to use a browser. Angelique has written an excellent piece with some great tips on optimizing your streaming Netflix experience, including some info on how to optimize your network connection.

Netflix has a service called “Netflix Watch Instantly.” However, unless you have properly optimized your connection, that “instantly” will actually mean “in a few minutes after your video buffers some.” This can be aggravating. My friend Amanda has put together an awesome piece on how to optimize Netflix Watch Instantly, so that instead of having to wait minutes, you only have to wait a few seconds.

Get to Know Netflix to Make Your Experience More Enjoyable

Netflix Tips InsideMany people don’t know that they can customize their Netflix experience so they get more for their money. My colleague Tyler has put together a piece that helps you learn more about the service. His Netflix tips include such things as how to search for specific titles and using the lists such as “Best” and “Newest” that Netflix provides.

No Game Console or Internet TV? No Problem!

When I stream content from Netflix, I prefer to watch it in a size that’s easy on my eyes. With my laptop and its 14-inch display, this is somewhat difficult. Even worse, although the built-in speakers are good for laptop speakers, they aren’t up to the stress of a movie. That’s why I put together a piece that has a short description of how to connect your computer to your TV and home stereo to get the best picture and audio quality possible.

Netflix Tips on What to Watch

I’ll admit that the list of available titles on Netflix can be pretty daunting when you first see it. “You mean I have to choose ONE from ALL of these?” Yeah, you do. My buddy David put together a piece that bypasses that list and clues you in on some of the hottest content this side of Hollywood blockbusters. I bet you didn’t know that Netflix also produces quite a bit of its own content? Check out this piece from Amanda that delves into some of their better offerings.

Is Your Internet Connection Fast Enough?

Before heading over to Netflix and creating your account, you should make sure that your Internet connection has enough speed, or bandwidth, to handle the load that video streaming puts on it. I’m sorry to say that if you’re on a rural Wi-Fi Internet connection or a dialup connection, you’re probably not going to be able to stream from Netflix effectively.

How fast is your Internet connection, though, do you know? You probably know what your provider told you, but what they don’t tell you is that is the maximum speed that you can expect from your connection. It’s highly advisable to check your connection speed before creating and paying for your account. As long as you have a minimum of one megabit per second, you should be OK — and these Netflix tips should definitely help your streaming experience!