7 Tips for Streaming Netflix Movies

7 Tips for Streaming Netflix Movies

Netflix movies occupy a pleasant niche for many consumers. For those who do not have enough money to buy up expensive blu-rays, or just do not care enough to buy movies, but still want to see them, tapping into the large Netflix library of movies is a solution many are willing to pay around $9 a month to use. If you want to start using Netflix for more than just watching hours and hours of your favorite TV shows, here are several tips on making your on-demand Netflix movies experience the best it can be.

Netflix Movies Done Right

1. Find The Right Netflix Software for You

If you do not have much experience in streaming on Netflix, or just want to make sure you have the best viewing experience possible, picking out the right software is key. Netflix has worked to develop apps for nearly every device, so you should have no trouble finding the best option for you. Watching on the desktop? Pull up the Netflix website.

On the other hand, if you plan on more private watching with a smartphone or tablet, download the Netflix app.

If you want to watch on the TV with the whole family, you have several options. Ideally, you have a DVR device or an Xbox or PlayStation that you can use to download the ubiquitous Netflix app. If not, then you will need a streaming device like a Roku, Apple TV or similar solution to move Netflix from the Internet realm to your big screen.

2. Expect B-Movies

Netflix movies work best for easy entertainment. Depending on your Internet connection, the movie may glitch or freeze periodically. The Netflix library, while showcasing a fair collection of blockbusters, tends to specialize in B-movie fare made for laughs rather than an in-depth artistic experience.

You can also find a lot of foreign movies, indies, and documentaries hiding out in Netflix that may be difficult to locate anywhere else. However, do not expect to stream the latest and greatest movies the moment they are released, and try to avoid ultra-serious movie watching experiences.

If a movie is that important to you, buy the blu-ray and leave Netflix out of it. On the other hand, the pool of niche genres and lower-quality fun films is very deep, so make use of it to explore your film tastes and find hidden gems.

3. Search By the Name

Netflix has a problem: Its interface is sadly lacking. Navigating the website to find what you are looking for is challenging enough, and finding a particular movie on the more-muddled app can prove even more frustrating. For the best results, learn the exact name and search for a particular movie using the Netflix search function, available across all devices.

If you are not sure what you want to watch, then move down to tips 5 and 6.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Favorite Movies

If you have a new movie that you really want to watch, but are waiting for it to come out on Netflix so you and friends can watch it for free, keep careful track of Netflix announcements so you know when it will be available.

The reverse is also true. If you have treasured movies on Netflix that you like to pull up and watch every few months or so, keep tabs on them. Netflix occasionally goes through its lists and purges older movies, so those favorites might disappear. Try not to be too disappointed — and watch now rather than trusting a movie to be there later.

5. Tap Into “Best” and “Newest” Lists

If you need new ideas about which movies to stream, look around the Internet at collections and blog lists. Some lists specialize in the “best” films available on Netflix, and while the title may be in the eye of the beholder, the lists can still provide plenty of potential titles. Other sites not only list the most popular Netflix movies, but also collect lists of the new and upcoming movies that may be easier to look through than the Recent Release section of Netflix.

6. Use Complementary Websites and Apps

Several handy websites help you find and watch the best types of Netflix movies. InstantWatcher, for example, offers plenty of information on the most popular movies available through Netflix streaming, the types of reviews they have gotten, and similar types of information. A Better Queue, Whichflicks, and many other options also exist to improve your experience. Use these instead of wading through the Netflix interface.

7. Go Beyond Netflix

Netflix does have some rising competitors. From Amazon and Apple to new services launched by FX and others, other movie-streaming options exist, and some are even comparable in price. If you cannot find what you want on Netflix, search for it on a similar service.


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