Sunny With a Chance of Netatmo Weather Station Product Line


The Netatmo Weather Station products make checking the weather easier than looking out an open window to see what the weather is like. Looking out your front or back door isn’t going to tell you what the weather on the other side of town is like, and forget about a quick peek outside letting you know what the weather is like two cities over. Wi-Fi weather stations give you access to weather information from the national meteorological agency anywhere in house. They are more accurate and give you more detailed information than a quick peek outside can give.

This Netatmo system does more than just let you know what the weather conditions are or will be in a given location. The different products use connected sensors to give you information about the indoor climate and conditions inside your home as well. With the full Netatmo system you get information concerning indoor temperatures, relative humidity, air quality, and more. You get more information from f these systems than you would from listening to the local weather report.

The Netatmo Weather Station Product Range

There are currently four Netatmo Weather Station products. The main product and the one everything else is based upon is the Netatmo Connected Weather Station. This is able to communicate with the Netatmo Rain Gauge and the Netatmo Wind Gauge. Additional Modules allow you to monitor conditions throughout the house.

The Netatmo Intelligent Thermostat allows you to control your heating and cooling system when away from home. Netatmo is also getting to the home security field with the Welcome camera with facial recognition capabilities. There’s also a stylish line of smart rings that calculate your sun exposure and sends details to a smartphone app.

Netatmo Connected Weather Station

The Netatmo Connected Weather Station puts weather-related information at your fingertips. This stand-alone device gives you quick access to the current temperature indoor and out, humidity, air quality, CO2 readings, and a sound meter that lets you know how much ambient noise there is inside your house.

The Netatmo Weather Station mobile app (Windows Phone, Android, and iOS compatible) puts indoor and outdoor readings on separate pages so you know at a glance what you’re looking at. The app is neat and easy to read and learn how to use. Access to the Netatmo Weather Service is included with the purchase of the Connected Weather Station.

Netatmo Rain Gauge for Weather Station

You can rely on your local news reports to tell you how much rain you’ve gotten from recent storms, but weather is fickle, you may see downpours in one neighborhood and barely see a few sprinkles a few streets over. If you need accurate rainfall information you could place a measured container outside, but that can get knocked over. The Rain Gauge for the Netatmo Connected Weather Station eliminates the hassle and inaccuracy present in determining how much rain has fallen.

The Rain Gauge precisely measures how much rain has fallen. The app lets you track rainfall by storm or over time. The alerts that the Gauge and app send to your mobile device will let you know whether or not the rain that fell last night was enough or if should give your outdoor plants and lawn some more water to keep them healthy.

Get Accurate Wind Readings with the Netatmo Wind Gauge

Round out the weather picture with accurate wind readings. The Netatmo Wind Gauge reports wind speed and direction to the Netatmo Weather station. The weather station may be telling you that it’s in the 70s outside, but what if there’s enough wind blowing to drop that down to somewhere in the 60s? The app also lets you monitor average wind speed over time as well as keeping track of stronger gusts.

Netatmo Additional Module for Weather Station

Unless you have excellent airflow throughout your house, the one drawback of the Netatmo Connected Weather Station is that it can only tell you about the room it is located in. If you wish to keep track of conditions in other rooms you’re going to need the Addition Module. One in the kitchen and one in the nursery and you’re set.

Netatmo Intelligent Wi-Fi Thermostat for Smartphone

Imagine for a moment that you run out of the house in the morning and forget to turn off the heater. You could turn around and probably make yourself late for work or you could not worry about it until you get home. The Netatmo Intelligent Wi-Fi Thermostat for Smartphone puts those worries to bed. With this thermostat you quickly and easily re-set the thermostat from the next room, the next house over, or even the other side of the globe. Never worry about wasting money on air conditioning or heating again.

Netatmo’s Welcome is a Cool Home Security Addition

Netatmo Weather Station AppThe Netatmo Welcome is a cylindrical unit with an attractive brushed aluminum finish housing a high quality video camera that makes use of facial recognition technology.

The camera is able to send alerts to your cellphone when someone enters field of vision, appending that notification with their name if they’ve been registered with the software and a special notification when it doesn’t recognize them.

You can also configure it to shut down video recording when certain people are in the room for privacy.

June by Netatmo Monitors Sun Exposure for Skin Health

The June by Netatmo product line encompasses three stylish insets in platinum, gold, and gunmetal colors that can be placed on a leather strap for work and dress or a silicon band for exercise . As you go about your day, June monitors your exposure to both UVA and UVB and sends updates to a smartphone app in real time. June’s app will consider your skin type and notify you should apply sunscreen in order to avoid overexposure and getting sunburned.