My Favorite Car Diagnostic App


I just found the best car diagnostic app. When I first started working on cars, fixing engine problems, what we call “drivability issues,” was pretty easy. We basically only needed to listen to the engine running to figure out the problem and fix it. Sometimes we would have to hook up a timing light or some other simple diagnostic tool to figure it out. Those days are pretty much gone now. When your car’s engine starts acting up you’re forced to take it to a shop at least to have it diagnosed However, now those days are gone, too. There are now tools like AKOLYT that make diagnosing engine problems fairly easy and straightforward again.

Diagnosing Engine Problems Used to Be Easy

As I mentioned, when I was growing up and learning how to fix cars, doing so was relatively easy, even for a young kid like I was. Most problems could be diagnosed by smelling or looking at the exhaust, listening to the engine, or performing a couple easy checks like checking wiring connections. The engine is backfiring under acceleration? Gee, that’s sounds like a timing issue. Let’s hook up the timing light. Look at that, the timing is off by a few degrees so let’s loosen the distributor and correct it.

Nowadays however, this is next to impossible, especially with the latest generation of engine control systems such as distributor-less ignition systems. These systems automatically adjust things like timing, so if there’s a problem with timing, it’s not likely to be as easy as simply adjusting the distributor. There’s likely to be a wire loose, a sensor malfunctioning, or the computer malfunctioning. Timing off when checked with the timing light? Ok. Plug in the diagnostic tester and see what the computer says. What’s that? You don’t own one because they’re so expensive? I understand. I don’t even own one, I borrow from friends that do.

Computers Make Your Car Run More Efficiently, But Add Several Layers of Complications

When it comes to helping my car’s engine run better and more efficiently, I love car computers, known as engine control modules (ECM) or program(med) control modules (PCM). When it comes to working on my somewhat newer car, I thoroughly and completely despise it. Without the code scanner/code puller/diagnostic tool, figuring out most drivability issues is a pain in the buttoosky.

The problem with computers is that they make diagnosing drivability issues dang hard, even when you’ve got the tester/code scanner. I mean, how easy it to know that with a 2000 Camaro, when I have a trouble/diagnostic code of P0300 being shown to me, what it means? Even for me with all my experience and training? If I’m someone that wasn’t raised working on cars or who went to school for it, how am I to know what to do with the statement: “P0300: Engine misfire detected.”? Where does one start?

The Akolyt Car Diagnostic App to the Rescue

If you have something like Akolyt, the car diagnostic app, all you’d need to do is read the information given in the app. Not long ago I did an article about another diagnostic tool for cars, but I think this one is better, for a couple of reasons.

When you have it plugged in and the car running, Akolyt is constantly talking to your car’s computer and asking it how it’s doing. If the computer sets a code (notices a problem), this is reported to the Akolyt app via the under dash dongle that plugs into your diagnostic port (usually under the steering wheel), and sends this information to the app. The app then scans its database for the code(s) reported and gives you information on what’s wrong, in plain English. No more of this cryptic “evap system problems” stuff. You get information that any lay person can understand without spending years at auto repair school. This feature alone can, over the life of your car, literally save you thousands in repair costs. That’s not all, though.

Akolyt Helps You Drive Better and More Safely

I personally would buy this for my car. If I still drove. At just over 100 bucks, it’s already well worth the price. Two, maybe three repairs guided by the device and app will probably more than pay for the device.

However, Akolyt also analyzes your driving style and gives you tips and pointers on how to save money with your driving. You also get a driving assistant who will help you find that hard to find address. Finally, there’s an emergency feature that automatically calls an emergency number if an emergency such as a wreck is detected.

There are a few more things that Akolyt does that I don’t have room to fully expound upon. Head over to their campaign page and check them out. Let me know what you think in the comments.