Moving Your Cable TV To Your New Address


For whatever reason, it’s time for relocation and all the stress and time management problems the moving process entails. In addition to calling moving companies; finding a source for cardboard boxes, and setting up mail forwarding with the post office, you have to handle transferring utilities to your new home. Moving your Cable TV account is another one of these seemingly endless tasks that has to be dealt with before moving day.

It is important you spend some of your small allotment of time researching options for Cable TV in your new location; your current Cable company might not operate at your new address. Considering that Cable TV companies want your business, expect to be able to take advantage of deals used to lure new customers. In fact, you can use our cool Cable TV deals page to find what television service providers are options in your new location and what current discounts are available.

Before we check out some options offered by a variety of Cable TV companies for customers looking to move their account, check out our convenient Moving Guide to make sure all your Is are dotted and all Ts are crossed before it’s time to start loading up the moving pods.

Charter Communications Makes Moving Your Cable TV Account Easy

Customers of Charter Communications enjoy the benefits of an easy to use online resource when it comes time to transfer their Cable TV service. The FAQ of their website offers answers to a set of commonly asked questions when to comes to service relocation. In fact, the company suggests talking to your customer service representative when planning your Cable TV service move to take advantage of the company’s deals when adding new features after a move.

If Charter is available in your new location, and you decide to stay with them, the company will have you box up your equipment and bring it with you during the move. You won’t need to set anything up at your new house, though, as a Charter technician will make an installation run to ensure everything is working correctly and to set up any new equipment that you added to your account.

What about if you are already in a contract agreement with Charter? In most cases, you will just stay in your current account agreement. Charter says that all of their new accounts are contract fee, so this is probably a good time to renegotiate and get some cost savings by bundling services — especially if you won’t have a contract hanging over you in the future.

WOW! Offers Superior Customer Service for Account Transfer

WOW! offers subscribers a wide range of communications services, including Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and Home Phone service. Superior customer service is their claim to fame, so if it comes time to move your WOW! account, expect a smooth process. Since WOW! isn’t available in as wide of an area as some of the Cable TV giants, it might not be an option to move an existing service — so be sure to do your research on Cable TV provider before planning your move.

AT&T U-verse Gives You the Resources to Plan Your Move

Customers of AT&T’s U-verse service enjoy great television quality combined with the online resources that make it easy to find out nearly everything about transferring your account to a new address after moving. Additionally, AT&T really wants to keep your business in your new location. The company offers a collection of reward cards valued at $300 depending on the number of services you are relocating.

Since AT&T wants you to pack up and move your U-verse DVR when moving, you still have access to all of your recorded programs — something to consider when planning a move. The company also offers an online tool that allows you to plan your U-verse service transfer whenever you want.

Ultimately, companies make it easy to plan moving your Cable TV service. In a competitive industry where news about bad customer service gets around quickly, Cable TV companies bend over backwards to ensure transferring a Cable TV remains a seamless process. Take advantage of their generosity to enjoy the cost savings benefits of service bundle!