The Moving Diary: How Moving with PODS Works


Last month, I moved from South Florida up to Central Florida and I used the PODS storage and moving containers to do it. I thought I’d share with you how moving with PODS works, and how they get your stuff from here to there to here again!

Moving With PODS: Call for a Quote

The first thing you have to do is get a quote from PODS, to see how much they will charge you to bring you a container, drop it off for however long you like, pick it up, store it, move it to the city you want, store it again, then deliver it to your new address when you ask for it.

The pickup is one of the most expensive parts of the trip, with the actual move of the PODS unit from one city to the next being the other big expense. But the monthly storage fees get cheaper the longer you ask them to hold onto it, and the final delivery charge is the cheapest amount overall.

When They Drop Off the Empty PODS Unit

Once you make the appointment to have your PODS unit dropped off (and after you pay the initial charge), they’ll tell you, within a few hours, of when they will arrive at your place.

They’ll ask you questions on the phone, as to where you want it placed in your yard, is there grass or concrete? They also need a few feet of clearance all around, and I’ll explain why in a few paragraphs. On the way to my house, the driver called me to say he was almost there.

I expected a flatbed truck to pull up, and a hydraulic lift to tilt and release the PODS unit, then have the truck pull away to allow the PODS unit to drop to the ground. Maybe I’m dumb, but that’s what I expected. Granted, in my head, I wondered how I was going to keep all of my stuff from falling all over the place inside the unit, while it was raised and lowered at a 45-degree angle.

Moving with PODS -- Truck backs up to drop off PODS unit

But alas, the truck came — and the driver explained how it all works. He backs the truck up to where the PODS unit will be placed, then he puts it in park, gets out, chains the PODS unit to a rig on the back of the truck. Then he uses this hydraulic lift that sits on the flatbed along with your PODS unit. He lowers the legs (with wheels) on the lift, and it lifts up the PODS unit, then he gets back into his truck and pulls away with the PODS unit still hanging in mid-air.

Once he parks the truck, he comes over and lowers the rig until the PODS unit sets on the ground.

Then he unchains it, and goes back to drive the lift. He raises the arms of the lift high enough to go over the PODS unit, then he drives it off the unit.

Moving with PODS -- Driving the rig off the PODS unit


Moving With PODS -- Driving it Off

This is where he had to be careful not to hit my carport overhang, since the wheels go a little wider than the PODS unit.

Moving with PODS -- Driving rig back onto the truck

Then the driver basically drives this rig on wheels back onto the back of his truck — pulls up the wheels, locks it in — and drives away!

Moving with PODS - Rig on Truck

When Filling Up the PODS Unit

I opened up my empty PODS unit to find plenty of room. I started filling it up from the back forward, obviously. My nephew, Jeff — or Jephew, if you will — helped figure out how to stack my furniture in the PODS unit. Now that we know it doesn’t shift like I expected it to, while it got lifted up from a 45-degree angle, we could stack it to the top and not have much worry about it toppling on top of everything else.

Moving with PODS -- Lock with their tagThe PODS unit also had a plastic roof on it that allowed sunlight in, so you could see in it during the day, unlike most moving trucks.

You’ll also need a lock to secure the unit at night — or really, whenever you’re away from it. The PODS storage place will ask you if you have one, or they will bring one to you that they will sell to you.

They also asked me to take a picture of my storage unit’s number, so that it was easy for me to reference it in any phone calls or online.

Finally, once the lock was secured, the driver put a plastic tag on it, to ensure when I got the PODS unit to my eventual destination, I could see that the tag was still in tact, and that no one entered into my unit while I wasn’t around.

When They Pick Up the Full PODS Unit

Once I was done filling up my PODS unit, which I did over the course of a few days with the help of friends and family, I called up PODS to have them pick up all my junk! (I mean, to pick up the PODS unit full of my stuff.)

Moving PODS -- Driving rig onto PODS unit

That’s another one of the great features of using PODS units — taking your time. If I didn’t have it packed yet, I could’ve called them and told them not to come yet. Then I’d have to reschedule the pickup.

But, if you plan correctly, you’ll add an extra day or so, just so you can take your sweet time loading it up.

You know, as well as I do, that when you go to move — you can never have everything packed by the time the truck arrives. In many cases, the things you need to pack are things you’re still using, or they’re things that are stuck behind things you need to move before you can pack.

When They Drop Off the Full PODS Unit

Once I’ve gotten to my new address, I’ll call PODS and have them drop off all of my stuff at my new address.

Then, just like when they dropped it off at my original address, I’ll schedule a time for them to come pick up the empty PODS unit. Again, this gives me time to slowly unpack the unit at my leisure, putting boxes and furniture in the right room on the first try.

Rather than just filling up my house with all of the boxes and furniture, I will move boxes to where they have to go — and even unpack them if I feel like it.

I will report back once that’s all done! For now, just know that moving with PODS units has been a great experience — although, it is quite a bit more expensive than using a moving truck.