Moving to the Country and Keeping Connected


Once you have decided that moving to the country is the right choice, you will need to check out your options for keeping connected with Satellite TV service. Despite the dramatic changes in lifestyle that rural living offers, you can still enjoy all your entertainment favorites including top movies, TV shows, sports events, and much more.

Options for Satellite TV for Rural Customers

Living out in the country offers many benefits and perks. Even if you have a longer commute to work, on the plus side there is generally less traffic and pollution to deal with. You will be surrounded by fresh clean air, beautiful scenery, and lush forests in contrast to cold concrete and city lights.

The drawback to rural living is that access to the more traditional services associated with city or suburban living are generally not available. Standard home entertainment and home connection services such as Digital TV or Cable TV and Internet are less likely to be within reach. The infrastructure consisting of wires and cable lines that provide these services to higher populated areas generally don’t extend to the more rural, smaller communities.

Those that go the route of moving to the country can still get hooked up for basic services by way of Satellite TV. Remember how we all used to enjoy TV not too long ago with the basic rabbit ears antenna perched on top of our old box style televisions? The science behind that basic technology makes it possible today for rural customers to be able to enjoy watching all their entertainment favorites.

With modern advances in Satellite TV, the solution is as simple as using networked antennas and receivers to hook you up and get connected. Although rural living may impose decreased access when it comes to day-to-day conveniences, watching television is not something you will have to give up. There are some great deals available for those that live out in the country…so let’s explore some of those options.

Dish Network Satellite TV Services

Satellite TV service works by transmitting signals to your home via satellites that are orbiting the Earth. Before Digital TV and Cable TV came on to the scene, all of us were using rabbit ear antennas in order to receive the transmission signals and get reception to watch our shows.

Since many providers of Digital and Cable services do not extend out into the more rural areas in the country, some customers are faced with limited choices when it comes to getting reception. Dish Network is one of the top providers of Satellite TV services and is a great option for country dwellers to check out.

There are multiple package plans offered by Dish Network for customers to select and enjoy, such as Pay-As-You-Go TV as well as promotions for free installation and free premium channels. Options may vary depending on ongoing offers and include the basic Smart Pack plan that provides viewers with access to more than 55 channels. The top-of-the-line plan is America’s Everything Pack that connects you with 330+ channels including favorites such as HBO, Cinemax and STARZ.

Other package deals include Dish Network’s America’s Top 120 plan that comes with more than 190 channels of entertainment enjoyment. You will get 240+ channel selections with America’s Top 200 plan and more than 290 channels to watch and enjoy if you select America’s Top 250 plan.

All Dish Network Satellite TV package plans come fully equipped with an antenna and receiver. Dish also offers a selection of additional equipment for customers that may want to upgrade. Dish Network regularly offers special savings and deals so check out their site for current promotions.

Dish Network Support Services for Rural Customers

Customers living out in the country that go with Dish Network for Satellite TV will have access to around-the-clock, 24/7 service and support. Your options for contacting Dish Network for assistance include their online chat service or contacting them directly by phone for quick help. You can also use email or Twitter for questions that do not require immediate feedback.

Dish Network also offers a wide selection of online tools that includes manuals and helpful troubleshooting guides. There is an online Dish Forum located on their support page where customers can check out the Dish Community Center and read postings by other customers. Examples of posted questions include topics discussing product support, customer service, online account inquires and more.

Digital Landing can help you find providers for Satellite TV and other services before moving to the country. Be sure to check out Digital Landing for great deals on home entertainment and home connections available in your area.

Photo Credit: Mike Hiatt