Moving Resources: A Helpful Guide and Checklist


There is an abundance of great, informative resources available to consumers to help ease the process of moving to a new home. If you are in need of a handy checklist to help prepare you for the transition, this helpful guide on moving resources will inspire you to eagerly tackle the project with enthusiasm.

Choosing a Reputable Moving Company

With a little knowledge and guidance, choosing a trustworthy moving company should be relatively simple and straightforward. You want a moving company that has established itself within the community as a business that cares about its customers and goes that extra mile when it comes to protecting your valuable belongings and treasures. Regardless of which moving company you decide to go with, make sure that they are licensed and insured to provide such services to consumers.

Moving companies that want to promote their services will advertise within the Yellow Pages to connect with consumers and to provide them with easy access to information. These types of business advertisements are available both online at and within the phone book provided to you by your local Home Phone service provider. As such, your phone book directory is the best place to start an initial search when looking for a reputable moving company.

The Yellow Pages ad listings for moving companies will provide you with detailed information such as areas serviced and whether they provide nationwide moving or only offer local or regional moving services. Once you have a handy list of moving companies in your area you can then visit their websites online to get more information. The Internet is a great place to check out the reputation of moving companies on sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and to also read reviews posted by previous customers.

Saving Money on Packing and Moving Supplies

As a consumer, you have many options available when it comes to choosing packing and moving supplies. One the best ways to save money while getting what you need is to contact local retailers and ask them to save any leftover boxes and packing materials such as bubble wrap that they would normally toss in the trash. Products shipped to stores are contained within boxes and the employees usually throw them away and have little need for them.

Free Digital Landing Moving GuideIf your local stores are lacking in supply of free leftover boxes the next option is to seek out suppliers that sell packing and moving materials at a discount. You will need to do some research in order to get a good deal and save some money. A suggestion is to first check your phone book’s Yellow Pages for local suppliers and to also explore sites on the Internet that may offer discounted packing materials and boxes.

Some other options that you may want to consider include office and home supply stores such as Staples, Home Depot and Lowes. The UPS Store as well as your local post office are other resources you can check out for deals on packing materials, boxes and supplies. Buying packing supplies from the company that will be moving you usually entails a higher cost, but if your employer is covering your moving expenses and you do not have access to other options then this could be a good solution.

Check Out the Chamber of Commerce for Community Resources

Once you have chosen a reputable moving company and have a source to provide you with packing and moving supplies, the next step is to connect with the Chamber of Commerce to get information about the community you will be moving to. Most states have either town, regional or county Chamber of Commerce offices that provide consumers with information about local resources such as businesses, schools, shopping, arts and entertainment, service providers, etc.

The travel and tourism industry is another great resource as this is a wonderful way to get your hands on brochures and pamphlets that provide a bounty of information about area recreational activities, restaurants, cultural events, etc. for your new destination. Check out what your new home state has to offer by visiting online resources for official visitor and vacation guides as well as travel and tourism sites.

These types of moving resources are a lifeline to the numerous services in your new community so it is a good idea to become familiar with what is available prior to your move. Most visitor’s guides are available for easy download and printing off your computer while many others will also accommodate consumers’ requests for hard copy brochures to be mailed to their homes. Be sure to check out Digital Landing for additional helpful tips on moving and also some great deals for service providers at your new home.

Photo Credit: Neighbors Moving & Storage Seattle