The Moving Diary: Moving PODS or Moving Trucks?


One of the biggest questions people face is whether they should move their stuff themselves (renting a truck), hire movers or use moving PODS (Portable On Demand Storage). We’re going to talk primarily about PODS in this blog post, primarily because that’s what I used.

The way moving PODS works is the company sends a truck with a PODS unit to your house, they drop it off, you fill it with your stuff for however many days you need to, then they come pick it back up. Once they pick it up, they store it for you, and then transport it to wherever you are moving, when you need it.

Are Moving PODS Right For You?

In my moving situation, I’m actually going from my house in Fort Lauderdale, to a family member’s in Central Florida, and then, in a couple months, I’m moving into another house in Central Florida.

Moving Truck

If I used the traditional moving method of renting a moving truck, here’s the situation I’d be faced with:

  • Rent a moving truck.
  • Get a bunch of friends to help me move all on one day.
  • Drive the truck 185 miles north, pay for gas, get someone to drive my car up also (or take a flight/train back myself).
  • Get a bunch of friends to help me unload my stuff into storage.
  • Pay for two months of storage.
  • Rent another moving truck.
  • Get a bunch of friends (who hate me at this point) to help load up the truck and drop it all off at my new residence.

All told, it’s an expensive deal ($1,000-plus?) with two truck rentals, gas and mileage, two months of storage and a ton of inconvenienced friends.

Moving PODS

Now, let’s look at how this works since I chose to use moving PODS rather than the traditional method:

  • Sign up with PODS, get unit dropped off at my house.
  • Load it up at my leisure (you can take months if you want, although, you’ll still pay for rental), and have friends come over at different times to break up the move, so they don’t all hate you at once. Get two friends to help move a couple big things one day, and then another two friends to help you move two other big things another day.
  • Unit gets picked up, and stored for a couple months (you still pay for monthly storage, which gets progressively cheaper each month).
  • When I move into my new place in a couple months, I tell them where to drop the unit off.
  • I unpack it, and have them pick up the empty POD.

The total cost for this is going to end up being about $1,500-$1,700.

What’s Best For Your Family?

While the cost is definitely a lot more than what it would cost me if I went the moving trucks route, using these moving PODS totally makes sense for me.

  • It allowed me to load and unload at my leisure, which can always be a stressful time.
  • It was easier to move my things just twice (once into the pod and once out) rather than four times (once into the moving truck, once into a storage unit, once out of the storage unit and once out of the moving truck).
  • It saved me from having to deal with driving a moving truck, while also trying to figure out a way to get my car to my new destination.

While these PODS were more expensive, it’s pretty evident that it was a huge time-saver and much easier for me than anything else. Maybe one way I can save some money to make up the difference, is by checking out the deals on Cable TV, Internet and Home Phone for my new address through Digital Landing’s Deals finder!

But my circumstances aren’t the same as everyone else’s, and that means you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons for your upcoming move. Do moving PODS make sense for you and your family? Let us know how your move works out!