Moving Pods Help With Time Management When Relocating


Considering all the hassles involved with the relocation process, the invention of moving pods has to be one of the greatest innovations since the arrival of sliced bread. No longer do you have to rush to get everything packed up in your house to be ready for the day the moving trucks arrive. No longer do you have to bribe your friends and family members to help load a huge truck in two hours on a NFL Sunday.

Pods let you pack and load on your time. A company drops off one or more containers, usually placed in your driveway, and you load them at your leisure. Once everything is loaded, you make another call to have the pods picked up, and they get conveniently dropped off in your new location where you can unload them, once again — at your leisure.

If you are trying to decide between moving pods and a moving truck, check out our article on that very subject. Additionally, our convenient Moving Guide offers you a host of valuable information on everything regarding relocation. What follows is a closer look at two of the leading companies involved in the moving pod business.

PODS Puts the “Pod” in Moving Pod

It’s no surprise that PODS is the most popular name in the moving pod industry. Their red and white containers are a common site around neighborhoods during moving season. If you need to learn more about PODS and how their service works, check out our video on the subject.

PODS also offers an array of moving related services, including boxes and storage. The latter may be necessary if you need to move from your current location before your new home is ready for move-in. Once you are able to move in, PODS delivers your containers from their offsite storage facility to your new location. It’s simple!

Of course, one of the most convenient aspects of a moving pod itself is that you can actually store your items within the container on either your new property or old location. This comes into play if your moving plans change at the last minute. There is essentially no time limit on how long you can keep your PODS moving container, but remember you are renting it, so your final cost is higher the longer you keep the pod.

PODS offers containers in three sizes: 7′, 12′, and 16′. The company also provides moving kits that include the boxes and other accessories to make the packing process a smooth one. If you don’t even want to pack and load, PODS works with local contractors in your area that provide these services.

U-Pack provides an Alternative to PODS

If you want to check out an alternative to PODS, U-Pack is a pod-based container service that’s an offshoot of the moving company, ABF. Their “Relocubes” serve the same role as the moving pod does for PODS. The cubes get delivered to your old house; you pack and load your items, and make a call to have the cubes picked up and delivered to your new location.

Since U-Pack is part of the ABF moving family, you even have the option to use a combination of Relocubes and a larger moving truck for a more complex relocation scenario. This makes sense for moving a small business where everyone can pitch in to load the cubes with office supplies and records, while an outside service is used to load any larger business equipment into a truck. The same model applies for your home move if you have some items that won’t fit in a moving pod.

U-Pack’s prices are competitive with PODS; they also offer containers of varying sizes as well as accessories and packing and loading services. When doing your research, be sure correctly analyze how much you will be moving and — most importantly — how much space it takes up. Moving pod companies, including PODS and U-Pack are generally able to send out a new container if necessary, but your overall moving cost will go up.

When it comes to the stressful aspects of moving, there remains little doubt that the companies that specialize in moving pods make the entire process easier and more convenient for everyone — you, your family, and your friends!

Photo Credit: John Blyberg