Most Popular Digital Landing Articles of 2014


At the end of every year, we like to look back to see what the most popular articles on Digital Landing were, to see what people are interested in and what we should produce more articles about.

In 2014, people were really interested in several different things on, including stories about streaming content to TVs and computers, which TV and Internet providers were better, and finally, how to program their Cable TV remote controls.

So I broke down the best and most popular articles here for you, so you don’t have to do all the searching on your own. I even shared what our most popular videos were on our YouTube channel.

Most Popular Tools on Digital Landing

Before we get into the articles that helped everyone, let’s first look at the most popular pages on our site — the tools!

Digital Landing Deals Page — Many people that land on Digital Landing, whether it’s through search or as a direct link, are looking for better prices on their Cable TV, High Speed Internet, Home Phone and Home Security services. This deals page lets you know what the best offers are in your area, and what services are available at your street address.

Internet Speed Test — One of the reasons people are looking for new Internet provides is because they don’t like the current speed of their ISP. You can go here, test out the speed that’s going into your house (download and upload speeds), and it might help you decide if it’s time to change service providers.

Providers — If you’d rather just check out each provider individually, you can head to our providers page to see all the companies we’ve tracked down for you, with links to their latest deals.

Provider Showdowns on Digital Landing

Since most Cable TV companies don’t really crisscross territories (like, you won’t see Comcast and Charter Communications battling for the same customers), most people are always comparing their Cable TV companies versus Satellite TV providers or telecommunications providers. These telecom providers have only recently gotten into the Cable TV business, so customers now get to wonder which ones are the best for them? These showdown articles help breakdown three of the biggest battles.

Most Popular Articles of 2014

These Digital Landing articles have been the most popular on the site over the past year. They range from Netflix helpers to hardware answers to Internet help.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Netflix Streaming — Who doesn’t want their Netflix streaming to run as efficiently as possible?

Sorting Through the Best Netflix Plans — Are you getting the best bang for your Netflix buck?

12 Tearjerkers on Netflix to Touch Your Heart — We all need a good sad movie once in a while, and these range from inspirational stories, to romantic feel-good movies to tragic tales that will all make us reach for the Kleenex.

6 Top Sites to Watch Movies Online Free — There are a lot of places to watch movies online for free — but not all of them are legal or safe. We hook you up!

16 Best HBO Series — So Far — From “The Sopranos” to “Game of Thrones,” HBO has given us a ton of great content through the years, and their HBO GO app is a great way to watch it all again.

XFINITY Streampix: How Does it Compare? — Xfinity Streampix is an add-on to the Comcast Cable TV service, created to complement the Xfinity TV, Mobile, and AnyPlay features.

9 Best (Safe) Ways to Download Free Music — The music industry is changing, and you should know what spots you can go to safely and legally for free music downloads.

What’s the Difference Between a Cable Modem and a Router? — It’s the same difference between the post office and the mailman — watch the video to find out what I’m talking about!

How Fast is My Internet Service? — Before you call and complain that your Internet service is too slow — check your download and upload speeds.

4 Free Ways to Speed Up My Internet Connection — You don’t have to settle for your slow Internet connection if you don’t want to. It’s time to rev it up!

15 Answers to 15 Questions About DSL vs. Cable Internet Service — You’re probably asking yourself, “Should I read this article?” — Answer No. 16 is Yes!

Is DirecTV Internet for You? — With Satellite TV services starting to offer High Speed Internet service, customers need to know if it’s just as good as broadband.

5 Easy Steps to Choosing the Best Spot For Your Wireless Gateway — There’s actually a science to placing your wireless router in the right spot in your home so that it doesn’t slow down your Internet service.

20 Questions and 20 Answers: Cable vs. Satellite TV — Different answers mean different things to different people, so check out the comparisons between these two TV providing services to see what’s right for you.

Remote Codes

As I said, our site also happens to be popular for people looking for remote codes to reprogram their remote controls for their Cable TV and universal remotes.

We hope some of these articles were helpful to you in 2014 — and better yet, we hope they’re helpful to you in 2015 and beyond!