8 Most Popular Android Apps This Season


The most popular Android apps, based upon the number of downloads, can be determined if you know where to look at Google Play. You can use the link for “Top Charts” to find out this information, but that really only tells you what’s popular and trending right now. Google actually gives industry insiders access to the information that tells them what apps have been downloaded the most since they were introduced.

Most Popular Android Apps

These apps should help you in your daily life stay connected and entertained.

Kik Messenger Lets You Chat Without a PhoneNumber

Messaging apps are definitely huge and have been for quite some time. It seems that we humans like to communicate with other humans for some reason. This means that anything that makes talking with others easier is going to do well. Kik Messenger, with over 100 million users worldwide, is proof of that.

Unlike other messaging apps, Kik lists your username instead of your phone number, meaning you can chat with whomever you like wherever you like and not worry that they’re going to start stalking you — except on Kik. Kik is free.

Take a Picture and Post a Caption with Snapchat

Remember when I said that we humans love to talk with each other? Well, we enjoy it even more when we can add pictures with snappy little captions to our conversations. Snapchat lets you do that. Take a picture or video and add a caption to it. Next, send it to those friends in your contacts that you think will enjoy it. What’s better (to me) is that the images actually have a shelf life, they expire and automatically delete after a certain amount of time. The teen crowd likes this app more than adults, but it is pretty popular across all age groups. Snapchat is free.

Skype: Need I say More?

Skype is so popular that I’m seeing it pre-installed on a number of store-bought computers, as well as most Nokia cell phones. The mobile version lets you do all the same things that the computer version does: text messaging, as well as voice and video chat. Skype is one of the most popular messaging platforms in use today. It has over 250 million users around the world. It’s also free.

Minecraft Tops the Paid Game Charts

Minecraft is a game that is multi-platform. It’s available for video game consoles, computers (PC & Mac), and mobile platforms. The object of the game is to place blocks to build things and have adventures. You can play against the Android system or over a Wi-Fi network against (or with) others. If you’re like me, you have multiple Android devices and will want to play on all of them. Minecraft lets you pay once (It costs about $7) and download it to multiple devices.

Root Explorer Lets You Really Explore Your Device

One of the things I don’t like about the cell phones I have is that I can’t get rid of the wallpapers and ringtones that they ship with. The operating system just doesn’t allow access to those folders. Root Explorer is one of the most popular Android apps because it solves that problem. The app lets you browse through even the Android Data folder to see what’s there. The list of things the app lets you do is pretty remarkable, considering that it only costs around $4. This app is extremely popular with techie types like me.

Back Up Your Android Data with Titanium Backup Pro

I use the computer/Windows version of Titanium Backup Pro to perform my twice-a-month backups on my computers. I love it. If I had sensitive data on any of my Android devices that I wouldn’t want to lose, I’d use the mobile version of it on them. The interface is simple to use and the program itself is pretty fast.

At a little over $6.50, for those that can’t afford to lose the data on their mobile devices, it’s definitely worth it. It even lets you save call data and SMS data, as well as contacts and other data.

Keep Your Android Device Running the Best It Can with Clean Master

As you install more and more apps on your Android device, these devices eat into the available memory, storage, and cache, making the device run slower than it should. Clean Master is the most popular Android cleaner and RAM booster in the Google Play Store. I was really surprised when I installed this one to find that it even let me move some of the pre-installed apps from the phone’s memory to my memory card, freeing up space and letting my phone run faster. It even has a malware detection engine in it. This one is one of my all-time favorites.

Swype Keyboard Lets You Type without Lifting Your Finger

The keyboard is my biggest complaint with all the Android devices I have owned. My fingers just don’t like them, or they just don’t like my fingers. However, the Swype Keyboard (costs about $4) is one I can use fairly well. Instead of having to press individual keys to type anything, you just move your finger around the keyboard to the letters you want. It’s so good, in fact, that it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for typing the fastest text message.

If you have a favorite app for Android, leave me a message in the comments below! It just might become one of the most popular Android apps!