Mophie’s Apple Watch Charger Is a Cut Above


This Apple Watch charger unit from Mophie is cool. It’s attractive and stylish and displays your Apple Watch for all to see as it charges. However, Mophie is a treasure-trove of mobile device accessories to fit every need. I was reading a press release for the charger and decided to visit the page. They’ve got so much cool stuff there you’ll find something for almost everyone on your list. Let’s take a walk together and check out the charger and then take a quick look at some of the other neat gift ideas they’ve got. Remember, Father’s Day is coming up.

Mophie’s Apple Watch Charger Charges in Style

Although I have to say that Apple was extremely innovative when they designed and built the Apple Watch, they left quite a bit to be desired in the styling of the charger. We get a simple charging cable for a watch that can cost over $1,000? Really Apple? It’s not an iPod, guys! No worries, Mophie came to the rescue.

The Mophie Apple Watch charger is more than just a charger for your Apple Watch. It’s also a stylish and handy display stand with extra storage. Plug the charging cable into either a USB port or the wall charger and then place your Watch on the charging stand. No more needing to reach for the watch to tilt it so you can see what time it is. No more just laying it in the rest of the clutter of your desk, either. The charging stands lets you put your watch above the clutter on your desk.

Mophie‘s charging stand doesn’t just charge, though. Made out of brushed stainless steel with leather accents, it will match or compliment whatever Apple Watch model you have. The stand places your Apple Watch about five inches above the clutter on your desk. The base of the stand also doubles as a place to put your phone to keep it handy while charging. The leather accents on the stand aren’t only there for looks either, they are placed so as to help keep your expensive watch from getting scratched up.

Designed With You in Mind

I mentioned earlier that the Apple Watch charger from Mophie gets your watch out of the clutter of your desk. I also alluded to the fact that you don’t have to reach for it to tip it so you can see it. The charging plate adapter on the stand is angled perfectly so you can continue to use the Watch while it’s charging. It’s designed perfectly to alleviate stress and strain during use while charging. Your charging cable is securely contained within the base of the unit, keeping it out of the way and untangled. Mophie’s charging stand runs about $60 and comes with a one year warranty.

Mophie Space Lets You Store and Charge Better

One of the other Mophie products that I really liked is Mophie Space. This is a three-pronged product line. The first part is the Space app that gives you instant and secure cloud storage no matter where you are. It’s like a file manager that works across all your devices. Even better, they’ve also got an Android version.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to spend a couple/few hundred bucks on a phone, I want to spend a few extra dollars to protect my investment. What’s even better is if I can improve my investment while I protect it. Mophie to the rescue again! Mophie’s Spacepack can give me up to 128GB of extra storage. Since I like to listen to music and watch videos, that’s cool, but what’s even better is the fact that Spacepack is advertised as doubling your phone’s battery life — how about up to 56 hours of video playback from a single charge? Spacepack is designed with numerous features that will cradle your iPhone or iPad Mini and keep it safe and comfortable.

Mophie’s Spacestation is basically an external hard drive of up to 128 GB for your iPhone or iPad Mini that also acts like a secondary/backup battery for the device. Spacestation has enough juice to let you watch up to 56 hours of video playback. The file system is compatible with iOS, Mac, and Windows, as well as Chrome OS.

Mophie for Samsung Devices

Mophie makes what they call a “Juice Pack” for Samsung Galaxy phones. This is a protective case that doubles as a reserve storage battery. Impact isolation features keep your phone snug and secure, even when you drop it. 3,300 mAh of battery power means you’ve basically got two batteries to use up instead of one. Mophie also stocks a variety of other battery expander devices for Samsung phones as well as heavy duty charging cables and charging cables that are only four inches long to prevent tangles.

If you’re in the market for iPhone or Samsung phone accessories, Mophie is the place to go first. They’ve got great prices and what looks to me like a bigger and better selection of products than most. There’s no way I can cover everything they’ve got in the space allotted. Go check them out and let me know in the comments what you think.