Mobile Phone Amplified Speakers Worth a Listen


Most mobile phone amplified speakers are bulky or awkward to use. The powered external speakers I have require either USB or wall power making them unpractical for spontaneous mobile outings where power sources aren’t available. I-Device users have needed is something that addresses this and other issues that mobile phone users have. I-Device users have needed the PERI Duo Case.

PERI Gives You Awesome Room-Filling Sound-Literally

The PERI Duo Case delivers sound quality is that is surprisingly realistic considering its size. Listening to some of the demo videos I was surprised at not only the clarity of the audio the device reproduces, but the volume level from such a small device was also surprising.

No amount of volume from a device of this size is going to literally fill a room with sound, though. However, if you have a group of friends who also have PERI mobile phone amplified speakers, you can use the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to network them together and stream audio to them from your device and thus, literally fill a room with sound. You can also stream over Bluetooth from a nearby Android or iOS phone to the case, whether your device is in it or not.

The PERI Duo Case Also Doubles As a Reserve Battery

Battery life is also a problem that the PERI Case addresses quite nicely. When fully charged, the 2500 mAh (milli-Amp hour) battery will provide more than a full charge for your iPhone 5/6 or iPod Touch. This means that the music can last as long as you can instead of having to wrap it all up when the battery dies. A button on the case turns the charging function on and off.

The PERI Case Turns Your iPhone Into a Conference Phone

Your iPhone has pretty good speakerphone capability as it is. However, what about those times when you want to talk to everyone in the room at once and be able to hear what they have to say? On top of the speakers that deliver high quality sound you get a sensitive microphone that gives everyone in the room an equal voice on the conversation without having to play musical chairs.

The PERI Case Isn’t Just a Pretty Set of Mobile Phone Amplified Speakers

The PERI Duo Case also doubles (or is that triples?) as a strong protective case for your i-Device. Life’s little accidents aren’t going to phase this case or your phone if it’s wearing one when the accident happens. I wouldn’t drop a TV on it or run it over with your car, but don’t worry about dropping. Except out the window of a moving car. Don’t do that.

Your device fits snugly in the case. Button extensions in the case give you access to power and volume controls. The case also sports a cutout with an anti-glare coating for the rear camera and flash.

Best of All Is That It’s Cheaper than Inferior Products

I’m someone that loves to get a great deal on a great piece of tech equipment. That makes the cherry on top of the PERI Duo Case is that you can get one for less than a hundred bucks. If you live outside North American, add twenty bucks to that. Their Indiegogo campaign page also mentions a referral program that can cut the price even more. It’s an absolute win-win.

It Doesn’t Directly Support Anything but iOS Though

My only problem with the PERI Duo Case is that I can only profit from every feature it offers if I have either an iPhone 5/6 or iPod Touch. My Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 720 can only stream audio to it over the Bluetooth connection. The good news is that they do have plans to support some Android devices soon, but they say nothing about Windows Phones.

The PERI Duo Case comes black and silver, red and black, or white and gold. There’s also a special Rhymesayers Entertainment version with a black camo pattern and logo. I’ll take one in black over silver for the iPod Touch, please.