Internet Speed Test

Fast Internet makes life so much easier! But you need to run our Internet Speed Test to ensure you are getting the upload and download speeds you signed up for through your Internet Service Provider. Many times, an ISP will note their top speeds, but that’s not necessarily always what you’ll get from your house.

Digital Landing’s tool will accurately — and safely — test your Internet download speeds first. This means you’ll see how fast your connection is for web pages to download on your computer, as well as images, files and everything else.

Then our Internet Speed Test will measure your Internet upload speed, which is just like it sounds – it checks to see how fast your computer can upload files, like email, images and documents. The whole tests takes less than 30 seconds in most cases!

Internet Speed Test


Now What!?!

Are you getting the Internet speed that you’ve been paying for?

If not, you can do several things to try to increase your download and upload speeds. Easy fixes might include simple fixes like rebooting your computer, rebooting your modem or resetting your router. Also, you can try connecting directly to the router or modem and retrying our Internet Speed Test.

For those with advanced skills, they can fix their LAN settings and rebuild their WINSOCK. But for most of us, that might seem like a daunting task.

Another option is calling up your Internet Service Provider and ask them to help you reach the speeds you are paying for. While it might sound like it a futile exercise, just know that a service provider is there for you, not the other way around. Get them to help you improve your Internet experience by politely asking for help.

If talking to a customer service agent or the technical support department still doesn’t help your computer’s connection speed reach the speeds you and your family require, then it’s time to talk to another ISP.

At Digital Landing, you can enter your address to find out which Internet providers service your area. We’ll give you phone numbers to call, if you want to speak to a representative directly. Or you can complete a new order online, and purchase the Internet speeds you want.

Share with Family & Friends

The Internet Speed Test will help you save money. So share this link with your friends and family, so you can compare download speeds and see if their service is faster/slower than yours! If their connection is faster, find out what service they use, then go through Digital Landing to find the lowest prices for Internet service! If your connection is faster, let them know about, so they can keep up with you!