Mayflower Movers and Other Handy Online Moving Tools


Are you ready to have a successful move? Mayflower Movers offers a number of different tools to help out – in fact, the Internet is filled with handy modern tools to make your move a breeze and give you new confidence about exactly what you need.

Online Moving Tools

Here are the more important online moving tools to use before, during, and after your move.


Worried about your organization skills? You can use a ready-made moving checklist to help you get ready based on what the professionals suggest. There are checklists for gathering up your moving supplies, moving into a new house and finding new services, spreading your move out over a couple months, and finding out what items you can move and what you can’t. Take advantage of these lists to prepare for the journey!

Used Box Resources

One of the first hassles when it comes to moving is finding all the boxes that you need. Today, it’s a good idea to turn first to online tools designed to help you find the right boxes for the job. Try sites like, which allow you to search for various boxes and get quotes from specialized companies to help compare prices with more traditional box-sellers like UPS and Staples. You movers can help you find more specific boxes for awkwardly shaped belongings.

Agent Locator

An agent locator helps you find and link up with local movers that are already close to your house. Mayflower Movers can act as an intermediary with these companies, offering you agent location so you can see different options available without scouring the Internet. The tool even includes a map so you can see just how far away they are. This makes it easy to quickly narrow down your choices.

Space Estimators

Free Digital Landing Moving GuideA space estimator gives you a good idea of just how much room you’ll need when moving, along with associated issues. There are a lot of these types of tools online, each for a specific need. The Mayflower Movers tool helps you estimate how many containers you may need for the move. There are other tools that let you estimate what kind of storage unit you need for long-term storage. Other apps help you calculate what your move might cost, or what size of van you may need, or the types of boxes you could use. Don’t let these tools go to waste when you plan your move!

Training Videos

Is this one of your first big moves? Do you prefer to do a lot of moving activities yourself – or at least prepare your home the right way? Watch this collection of training videos from Mayflower Movers that shows you have to pack, what to get ready for, and what to expect. There are separate videos for packing individual rooms with their own challenges, like bedrooms (wardrobes), dining rooms (glassware and more), family rooms (what about electronics?) and much more. Watching these guides can lead to a much safer move with a lot fewer accidents, no matter what type of move you ultimately settle on.

Preferred Moving Services

Preferred moving services allow you to customize your move and add different features to fit your unique belongings or time constraints. For example, you can set specific load and delivery dates if you are being affected by a job or house deal and need to have your items in a certain place at a certain time. You can also choose temporary storage or shipment protection for some of your goods to add more protection or fit into a tricky schedule. Ask your movers for more information.

Move Tracking

Curious about how your move is going when you can’t actually see your belongings? This makes some people understandably nervous, but it’s easier to get more information about a move using the Mayflower Movers tracker. You can search either by your name or by the number of your movement order, and find out exactly what moving stage your shipment is currently in.

Destination Guides

Do you want to dig a little deeper into your moving destination and find out more about the neighborhood and city? Try out tools that let you look up multiple kinds of information about that other dot on the map. You can access city reports to look up important statistics on nearby employment, crime rates, real estate growth, and much more. You can also look up school reports to find out what school district you fall into and the stats behind local schools, including graduation rates, programs, and more. You can even compare different areas or cities to each other if you are still trying to narrow down your move to a specific location and want to look at hard facts.

Photo Credit: Matt Cornock