Mayflower Movers and More: 8 Signs of a Great Modern Moving Service


Getting a little too stressed about your upcoming move? Today’s moving services are more high-tech and willing to help than ever before. Companies like Mayflower Movers can contract with other moving professionals and bring you a long list of potential services and different types of aid before, during, and after the move.

1. Complete Estimates

Let’s start with the basics. Estimates are invaluable when considering moving services, which is one reason why it’s so important to start early. The estimate shows you how much to expect to pay, and allows you to compare moving services before making a final decisions. Over the phone estimates are, of course, mostly useless: Quality moving professionals will visit your house and take a look at your belongings before creating their own estimate based on your unique needs. How a moving company responds to your valuables and specific needs can tell you a lot about how they operate.

2. High-Quality Packing Materials

Sure, you can gather your boxes from stores, friends and other locations, but high-quality moving services will offer you packing materials to help out. Considering purchasing a moving kit or specific products for your hard-to-wrap items where extra protection may be needed. Remember, boxing and wrapping your materials is one of the most important parts of the move, and high-quality moving services will offer high-quality materials as well as advice. If you choose a service that boxes your goods for you, then try to get a look at their materials beforehand.

3. Mayflower Movers — Moving Planner

Moving planners are one of the latest digital helpers when it comes to the moving process. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of things to remember when trying to plan a move, so any help is welcome. Several apps can assist, but why not focus on one offered by the mover? For example, MyMayflower from the Mayflower Movers service allows you to organize all your moving details via online service, including tools and tips to help you plan out your move beforehand and avoid any mistakes.

4. Temporary Storage

Moving is not always an A to Z concept. In many cases, circumstances require that you move out of one place but wait to move into another. In this case, you need some sort of temporary storage option to store your goods until they can be moved onto your new property. Ask about storage options and their environmental controls if you need these services.

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5. Remote Tracking

Remote tracking is a newer feature for moving companies that allows you to see exactly where your belongings are via digital information. Companies offer apps and websites that offer these services. Sometimes they link up with real-time GPS trackers in the trucks, which allow you to see exactly where the truck is at any time. Other companies may use check-in procedures where you can track the last place that a truck has checked in, much like tracking a package.

6. Real Estate Bonuses

Buying and selling property is often a part of moving, but it can also be a bonus to the moving process if you use it correctly. Companies like CityPointe offer added value options through Mayflower Movers via a referral program. Refer your real estate agent to another, and you can get some extra cash when you sell or buy a home thanks to these innovative partnerships.

7. Setup and Cleaning Services

It’s understandable, a move can be stressful. Sometimes the last thing you want to do after a move is unpack, reassemble, and get your new place in order. Fortunately, today’s moving companies can help with that, too. Moving services are expanding to include related but important options that can see your new home cleaned before you move in, your more delicate goods assembled, your home theater put back together just the way you want it, and more. So if you need cleaning, junk pickup, or more, then look for a service that offers professionals with experience in these services.

8. Pre-Assignment Services

All right, suppose you have a move that’s a bit…larger. If you are moving internationally, the process suddenly become exponentially more complex. Citizenship, money exchange, new laws for everything – why not find a moving services that can help with pre-assignment services and related needs. You can get help with managing visa needs and much more.