Matchstick Streaming Stick: Mozilla Strong and Firebox OS Compatible


For all of us that love and appreciate adaptable, open source platforms, Matchstick has created a HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) device that is based upon the Mozilla Firefox OS. The Matchstick streaming dongle stick is due to hit the market within the next few months, so consumers should keep a keen and watchful eye out for the debut of this innovative product.

How to Use and Enjoy Matchstick

Matchstick is a HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) dongle device that lets you enjoy all your favorites that are streamed from the Web. Using Matchstick Streaming is as simple as plugging the dongle device into the HDMI port on your HDTV or computer monitor. Using your local Wi-Fi network, the device will hook you up to Internet streamed entertainment including interactive games, music, TV shows and movies.

After you have plugged in and connected Matchstick to Wi-Fi, you are ready to use the device to select the type of content you want to send. Matchstick Streaming developers refer to this process as “Flinging” your chosen selections onto your viewing screen for pure entertainment and enjoyment. Mobile devices such as your Smartphone, notebook, tablet or laptop can all be used for remote control to put you in charge of how you will enjoy the content.

Features of Matchstick Streaming

Technology enthusiasts and geeks that want to know more about what’s under the Matchstick’s hood will be happy to know that the device uses a dual-core Rockchip 3066 processor. The dongle device comes equipped with 4GB of onboard storage and includes 1GB of DDR3 memory. These features contribute to the device’s ability to provide you with enhanced performance and video playback while enjoying and interacting with games and your favorite streamed content.

The developers and designers of Matchstick have been paying close attention to what consumers want when it comes to streaming devices. During the Kickstarter campaign, Matchstick received a high number of requests for the Ad Hoc mode feature. Also referred to as peer to peer playback, the Ad Hoc mode does not require users to hook up to the Cloud while enjoying their favorite content that is accessible locally on their selected devices.

The benefits of open source platforms includes the option of being able to download and view the device’s reference schematics for overall design and hardware components. The designers and developers of Matchstick are providing this option to users that like to explore how these types of products work. Consumers should understand, however, that the original Industrial Design features of the product will not be shared. As such, the creative genius behind the development and design of the device will be kept secret and under lock and key.

Availability of Matchstick

Although the developers and designers of Matchstick would like to make the product available to consumers during the upcoming holidays, the projected timeline of the device is slated for general release to the public in early 2015. Matchstick’s Kickstarter campaign has already reached and surpassed its targeted goal of $100,000. At the time of this article, 14,564 backers have pledged $379,375 to the project. The estimated timeline for completion of the Kickstarter campaign is Thursday, October 30, 2014.

Matchstick is offering 250 developers that backed the project access to an early release of select prototype dongle units slated for November 2014. Those developers that were chosen will be working on creating apps and content for users to enjoy once Matchstick is made available to the general public. The company has already developed compatible sender apps for Firefox users as well as those that use Chrome, iOS, and Android platforms.

The Matchstick Streaming dongle device that was built upon an open source platform has been certified by Mozilla. This innovative product is portable with a mobile design that makes it easy to use no matter where you are. Plug it in, choose your favorite content, and Fling it onto your TV or computer monitor so you can sit back and enjoy all your favorite movies, videos and other forms of entertainment. Be sure to also check out the great deals right here on Digital Landing for savings on services for Internet, TV, Phone and bundled specials.