Manage Your Dish Account the My Dish Way

My Dish Network

Dish Network subscribers looking for the best online method to manage their account need to check out My Dish — better known as MyDish. This is a one-stop destination for anything related to the Dish Network. Programming information, support, billing data, and more are all included in an easy to use web interface.

Satellite TV users normally enjoy a host of options for additional services and content from all providers, including Dish Network. Leveraging online resources for this information as well as account management saves headaches in the future should a problem arise with the service or if you need to make a programming change. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what features are provided when using MyDish.

MyDish: A Closer Look at its Features and Functionality

The main landing page at the MyDish website highlights a host of information on current deals, upcoming free previews of channels, social networking feeds from Dish, and links to support and other important account data. Thankfully, there is an interactive menu bar at the top of the page providing easy access to the most relevant information for current Dish Network customers. Be sure to read the disclaimers at the bottom of the page to make sure you are aware of any “catches” in case you are interested in any of the advertised deals.

The “My Account” section is obviously the place to go for managing everything related to your Dish Network account. After logging in, you will be able to access your current bill and previous payment history, and you can actually your bill online. This is a godsend if you ever forget to mail the paper bill.

Access to your current programming information and equipment is also convenient when debating on adding new channels or maybe the Dish Hopper DVR unit. Any current service appointments and equipment shipments can also be tracked and managed from the My Account section. MyDish also provides a convenient method for ordering Pay-Per-View and On Demand content, as well as tracking any previous programs already ordered.

Dish Network Perks All in One Spot

The Perks section under MyDish allows access to a variety of subscriber perks of interest to Dish Network customers. Free channel previews as well as free On Demand content are all found in this section. This includes Blockbuster Channel 102 which sports a decent array of free movies and TV shows.

Perks also includes information on Dish Anywhere, the network’s service that lets subscribers view content on their computer, tablet, or smartphone — no matter their location. A collection of current Dish Network sweepstakes — essentially contests to win a variety of prizes like home theater makeovers or tech gear — is included under Perks. A listing of the new channels slated to debut on Dish Network rounds out the Perks content.

My Dish: Dish Network Support

For subscribers who need Dish Network customer support, MyDish is an excellent resource. The website provides essentially a full library of anything related to Dish Network. You will find user manuals for all Dish equipment — both the latest and greatest as well as obsolete receivers and DVRs.

Additional details on billing, programming, and technical support FAQs are all easily accessed. You should plan on visiting the support section at MyDish before actually contacting Dish Network customer service — you might be able to solve any issues yourself in the fraction of the time it takes to get a response from a customer support representative. Of particular interest for potential new subscribers is a pre-installation checklist and a nice rundown of other services Dish offers, including Dish Smart Home Services which provides a whole host of home theater installation services.

Also, be sure to check out the forums at MyDish support. In many cases, other Dish Network subscribers offer useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of your service or solving any problems you are encountering with your equipment or programming. Once again, anything you can solve yourself without involving Dish Network customer service might save you time in the long run.

Whether you call it My Dish or MyDish, this Dish Network feature is really a must for all subscribers. Being able to access relevant account and support information is a time saver, and may actually save you some money as well. Be sure to check it out!