Make Your Bike a Smart Bike With smrtGRiPS


You too can have a smart bike. One that helps you find the places you’re looking for. One that also helps you remember where you parked it. These smrtGRiPS are also going to revolutionize social biking. As a bicyclist, I like these grips, that there’s nothing to attach and remove from my bike. Living in an area that experiences bicycle burglary, I also appreciate that they don’t stand out like a pricey sore thumb.

Let Your Smart Bike Give You Driving Directions

When I’m getting ready to go for a ride in a new location I go through an involved process. I get directions from Google Maps and Mapquest. I then locate the nearest cross street or intersection and, if possible, call the store, business, or friend who I’m trying to find and verify that the map I have is right. I then memorize the directions from a location I know well like a subway station or something. I do this because there’s no way I’m whipping out my phone and checking for directions while I’m riding. I’m not that brave.

Once I get my smrtGRiPS, I won’t have to go through all that rigmarole. It’ll be a simple matter of inputting my destination into an app and riding. When I approach a street I need to turn at, the grip on that side of my bike will vibrate. So, if I need to turn right at the next street, my right hand grip will vibrate. Yep, that’s right. Haptic feedback has come to bicycle grips. No more peering down at a tiny cell phone screen in the bright sun on a busy street.

Locate Your Bike in the Crowd Quickly and Easily

Not long ago I used to frequent the library at a large southwestern university and I’d ride there on my bike. At the end of the day, finding my bike in that sea of bikes sometimes took far longer than I liked. That’s a thing of the past with smrtGRiPS.

Launch the Bike Finder and locate your bike quickly and easily in one of two ways. You can use the finder to direct you to your bike through distance cues in the app. If you’re in a real hurry, you can send a signal through the app to the grips that will make them ring, easily pinpointing their location.

Bike Locator Functions That Work for Lost or Stolen Bikes

When there are multiple bikes with smrtGRiPS active on them, they will reach out to each other and create what they call the crowdGPS network. As the user/owner of the grips, you don’t have to do anything, this happens automatically. The cool thing about this is if you lose your bike or it’s stolen and you notify the app, a signal will go out to the network asking for information. When the bike with the grips coded to your phone and app enters a crowdGPS network, a locator signal telling you within 100 meters where your bike is will be sent to your phone.

Avoid Construction and Other Obstacles

Construction and excess vehicular traffic can be both dangerous and annoying for cyclists. smrtGRiPS also lets you take advantage of the fact that many mapping and navigation apps are interactive, allowing users to input information about road conditions and such. These grips will notify you if issues like this are in your path and suggest alternative routes.

Share Route and Ride Information with Other Users

The navigation app that comes with smrtGRiPS gives you access to OpenStreetMaps, the largest open source maps resource on the net. The maps here are annotated on a regular basis by drivers and riders, making it a treasure trove of information.

Keep Your Group Together on Long Rides

There was a time when I liked to go on longer rides with a group of friends. We had people that were at all levels of endurance and speed, so we could sometimes get pretty spread out. This was fine for the rides on easy routes, but there was a time on a more circuitous route where we lost someone. With smrtGRiPS that will be a thing of the past. Pair them up with everyone in the group and when someone falls behind or gets too far ahead, everyone in the group will be notified.

Cyclists! What do you think of these things? Will smrtGRiPS be adorning your bikes any time soon? Are you gong to be a smart bike rider soon? Let me know down in the comments.