MagicJack Call Forwarding & Other Features

MagicJack Call Forwarding

Everything you want in a phone, with all the features, for a low cost. MagicJack call forwarding, conference calling, call waiting — it might be time to check this out for real.

One of the reasons many people have ditched the household phone is cost, and another reason is portability. Most people already have a cell phone, which allows them to make calls at anytime, from anywhere on one bill. Why have a bill for a home phone line when you don’t even need it? You would also have to be at home to make and receive the calls, so who wants to sit around all day?

A growing trend in phone technology is Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and one of the most popular providers of this technology is MagicJack. It sounds like a Jack in the Box but it’s really a jack in the wall, more specifically in your computer. It’s a VoIP, which uses a USB connection from your computer to your phone.

Why MagicJack?

Why not just use a webcam or a phone? Well, MagicJack works just like any other phone service, but it’s a lot cheaper, and it comes with all the bells and whistles that most other phone services do, like MagicJack call forwarding, but their list of benefits only starts with call forwarding, where most companies stop. MagicJack is easy, affordable, and interactive, putting you in control of who you communicate with, when and where.

MagicJack is a small device about the size of a matchbox that converts a normal phone jack into a USB outlet. All you need to do is plug a phone into the MagicJack and then plug that into your computer. Install some software, register with MagicJack and get your assigned phone number. The installation process takes five to 10 minutes. The only catch is that your computer must be on and the software running to make or receive calls.

The house phone and your cell phone can get expensive. Both of them send you monthly bills with add-ons for minutes, long distance and extra features. MagicJack costs $40 for the first year, including hardware and software, and then $20 for every year after that. One simple bill allows you to make calls to and from anywhere in the continental U.S. or Canada. International calls will incur a small per minute fee, but compared to what your standard land line or cell phone would charge, the cost is minimal.

MagicJack is perfect for everyone because all it requires is a decent Internet connection, and it will even work with dial-up (but they can’t guarantee the quality). A webcam takes a lot of bandwidth and requires a high speed connection and a good computer that can handle the video feed.


Just like your home and cell phone, MagicJack offers a variety of features, including call waiting, conference calling and call forwarding. Many of the features are available for free, however, call forwarding does have a small per minute fee attached.

MagicJack can be used in any room, as long as there is a computer connected to the Internet. With MagicJack’s conference calling feature, users can sit in on a conference call while enjoying their first cup of coffee. Some users even claim that the call reception with MagicJack is even better than their LAN line or cell phone, provided they have it set up right. If you do get a call while you wait, you won’t get bumped off the call. Mute the line and flash over to get the next caller, or invite them into the conference. You could have them call you later and leave a voice message. Either way, you’ll know who’s on the other end before you switch. MagicJack comes standard with Caller ID.

Call Forwarding

MagicJack call forwarding is easy to set up. Just log in to your MagicJack account and click on “change settings.” Locate the “call forwarding” tab and check “enable call forwarding.” From there, it will ask you where you want the number transferred. Just enter the number and save your changes.

Call Waiting

It works the same way as your standard call waiting on your home phone. Press the “FLASH” button on your telephone to switch between calls. If you don’t have a flash button on your telephone, tap the hang-up button.

Conference Calling

Conference calling is free and easy to set up. All you need to do is dial (305) 848-8888, select the option to set up a conference call and follow the prompts. They will have you set up a password and give you a 10-digit code. Distribute the code, time and password to the call attendees. At the time of the conference call, they will dial (305) 848-8888, select the option to join a conference call and enter the pin to be connected with everyone else.

Unlimited Calling

Use MagicJack to call your relatives out on the coast, or an old friend who moved to Canada last year. Talk as long as you want with unlimited calling. This feature alone will save you hundreds of dollars on your current phone bill, especially if you’re long winded and your friends and family or business partners are beyond your local calling area.

Perfect for Traveling

Bring MagicJack with you while on business. Often, hotels will charge you to use their phone, whether it’s a local call or one across the country, with MagicJack you don’t need to worry. Load up your computer, plug in MagicJack, wait for the screen to load and you can avoid the phone charges. Receive local and international calls at no cost to you, and dial internationally for a small fee. If the person on the other end is using a MagicJack device, you don’t even pay those.

If your thinking about VOIP service, give MagicJack a chance, and sign up for your free 30-day risk-free trial.

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